The Exiled outlines early access packages, denounces pay-to-win

With just a week to go until its early access launch on February 23rd, indie “social sandbox” The Exiled — formerly known as Das Tal — has nailed down the fee structure of its game packages.

“Everybody gets to play for free for seven full days,” Fairytale Distillery’s Alexander Zacherl told us. “Then it’s a one-time fee of $19.99 to continue playing as long as you want. If you want to get some cool skins, titles, pets or the art book and soundtrack, then you can pay more. But you can never buy in-game power, which has always been super-important for me.”

The Nomad Pack ($19.99/€19.99) is the cheapest buy-in, with one character slot per season, one permanent character name reservation, plus perks like an avatar, title, frame, unique skins, and dance animation. The Seeker Pack ($39.99/€36.99) adds to that package an additional character slot and name reservation, plus a 15% fame gain boost and an extra daily challenge slot.

Mini-whales should aim for the Vanguard Pack ($79.99/€73.99); it includes three character slots and name reservations, a 25% game gain boost, the same extra daily challenge slot, a minipet, a special skin for the remains you leave behind when you croak (wheee), and of course, the collector’s edition digital soundtrack and artbook. Justin.

Fairytale Distillery notes that certain territories, including Brazil and Russia, will see local prices instead.

Source: Press release
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Has any game with a founders pack ever actually admitted to being pay to win?

It’s the MMO equivalent of saying “I’m not racist but…”


Unrelated to my prior comment, the art in this game is truly amazing.


still missing the “Gank-Box” tag.

Dug From The Earth

That article image is the first shot of the game ive seen with more green than brown in it.

Loyal Patron

This game is going to bomb so hard.

Patreon Donor

“No grind”? How do you get gear in this game?

Baptiste Mahieux

Gear is not as crucial as in other games. Getting “better” gear only allows you to customize it further than “basic” gear. This means your stats have to be balanced out. You can have a billion HP but you’ll need to either be super non-resistant to magical damage or ultra slow. For example.
Getting the better gear is about gathering the materials to craft it but the big part of the work is actually getting your clan to have its own settlement in the game world, which allows for superior gear crafting.
No need to say “getting the materials” often means stealing it from caravans or players. So yeah, no grind, and it works.