The Exiled will hit Steam early access on February 23 with seven-day trial, supporter packs

So long.

The Exiled is headed to Steam early access on February 23rd, Fairytale Distillery has announced. The early access launch follows a round of closed alpha late last fall and represents “a live game that is online 24/7 for everybody.”

Formerly known as Das Tal, the indie PvP sandbox was announced back in early 2014, already boasting partial development funding. Following the failure of its Kickstarter in 2015 — it raised only €33K of its €50K goal — the studio opened sales on the website instead, a system that has now come to a close in prep for Steam.

“Our payment model is dead simple: Everybody will get to play The Exiled for free for seven days. To continue playing from this point on you need to buy a Supporter Pack that will allow you to continue playing the game as long as you want to. As before, there will be three different Supporter Packs at three different price points: €19,99 ($19.99), €36,99 ($39.99) and €73,99 ($79.99). All of these packs give you full access to the game. The bigger ones will give you some great additional visual customization options for your characters and other goodies. None of them grant any form of in-game power.”

Existing alpha accounts will be rendered invalid; everyone’s going to need to start over with a clean account through Steam, though you’ll be able to claim reward names. As for what else is launching with the game on Steam? “Stay tuned,” the devs say.

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