Guild Wars 2’s expansion reveal set for August 1


Live on the Guild Wars 2 website is a teaser for the game’s second expansion, to be formally revealed a week from today at noon on ArenaNet’s Twitch channel.

So fiery. So crystally. Oh hell, we already had a crapton of spoilers. What’s a few more?

Spoiler video

Source: Official site. Thanks, Vollmond!
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I’m hopeful that the new expansion will:

— Be accessible to GW2 players who chose to skip HoT altogether
— Return to a gameplay style more in keeping with the original GW2 release (and away from the fiasco that was HoT)


I guess.

Lets see if they don’t fuck it up like they did with Heart of Thorns.


I for one am super stoked about this, I’m nearing 7000 hours invested in this game and I can see myself going for another 7000 if they hit the nail on the head this expansion.

Kickstarter Donor

I am really looking forward to this, GW2 is my mmo of choice atm

Thomas Zervogiannis

Also looking forward to this. For me GW2 was always the “themepark done right”. Even though I am currently burnt out after 3.5k+ hours sunk into the game and moving out of the themepark sub-genre, I will get the expansion and play it for a while, just to check out how these guys are doing and to support a game and a company that gave me so many hours of immense fun.


Hopefully they show they’ve learned from the many mistakes HoT made like Blizzard did with Legion when compared with WoD.

I want to really like GW2 in part just because I love the charr and Anet and Blizzard are the only companies that know how to create beast races but also because I love the setting but the gameplay needs to be there too.

Danny Smith

I’ll check out the announcement but my expectations are kind of apathetic at best. I want to love the world of GW2 but the design choices over time just dont do it for me.

Not that an expansion cant totally change that of course, persistent changing games and all that.

So i’ll be hopeful but i don’t expect to be wowed.


Even though I didn’t read the leaks, the ending of this season and the reveal of the next expansion is a bit underwhelming.

Terren Bruce

Super HYPED. I’ve avoided most of the leaks except the reallllly old ones from last year. So next week will be very exciting!

While HoT’s did have a shakey start, ANet has really found their footing in Living World Season 3 and all the foundation they set up in HoT’s is paying off now. They’re in a really good place in my opinion to really knock it out of the park with expansion 2.

Matthäus Wey

Let’s hope they get it right this time. I hope we’ll never see an era like HoT or WoD (for WoW players) again. Some engine adjustments would be really neat too if I think about it.

Oleg Chebeneev

Its funny how GW2 was once my most anticipated MMO and now of all MMO expansions I care the least about GW2’s next one