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Black Desert celebrates first anniversary with Dark Knight launch, birthday gifts

The Dark Knight is officially live in Black Desert today as part of the game's first anniversary update. Hardcore players probably already took advantage of the pre-creation event, but if not, it's time to get rolling the melee/magic hybrid.

"A fearsome knight representing the Vedir tribe of Kamasylvia. Her use of the nature’s force, deeply rooted in dark magic, is rather destructive. The Dark Knight uses Kriegsmesser as a main weapon and Ornamental Knot as a secondary weapon. Her weighted blows are seamlessly connected through dark magic."

To celebrate her launch, Kakao has kicked off several events, including one that tasks players with collecting Dark Knight Seals for prizes, a combat experience buff for the week, and a death-penalty-free run at specially spawned field bosses. "Loyal" players will also receive 20% off coupons for the cash shop.

Do make sure you log in this week to claim your anniversary presents too, as unclaimed gifts will be deleted.

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Exclusive: Indie sandbox El Somni Quas has been 'rebuilt from scratch'

Over the last few months, we've published several exclusive dev diaries from El Somni Quas, an indie sandbox from a Czech studio that cut its teeth on Ultima Online emulators and plans to port a lot of the ideas it tested there into its built-from-scratch 3-D venture. The first diary covered the game's arena design, while the second focused on free-for-all PvP and sandbox features like housing.

Today's deep-dive, penned by David Šanda, covers the game's technological roots, its search for a proper game engine, and how the team has basically rebuilt the game from scratch.

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Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands launches next week

If you're a fan of The Division and Ubisoft, you've probably already got your eye on Ghost Recon Wildlands, yet another entry in the ubiquitous Tom Clancy franchise. It's been labeled a tactical shooter, but gamers comfortable with calling games like Destiny MMOs will be at home in four-man multiplayer mode, particularly given that it features one of the studio's biggest open worlds ever, thanks to the gorgeous deserts of Bolivia being used as backdrop.

The game is launching for PC, PS4, and Xbox One next week on March 7th, though the game's open beta just closed down, hence the buzz (which is mostly positive, mind you, though folks are side-eyeing performance on console). Are you giving it a go?

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Shroud of the Avatar's R39 adds town shrines, delays room renting

Just ahead of the weekend, Shroud of the Avatar rolled out Release 39, its latest monthly content push, and this one is pretty massive, as the latest newsletter recaps. Players spent the weekend tinkering with new town shrines, crafter patterns, the Path of Courage storyline, combat improvements, journal updates, the ignite weapons polish-up, and additions to Blood River, K'rul, K'rawl, North Drachvald Spur, and Upper Fortus.

What didn't make it in? Player-rented rooms, ammo refactoring, Obsidian Cabalists, the new agriculture UI, and the Rhun Ruins. "In order to get room renting working properly, we had to entirely refactor how we store and save items in player homes," says Portalarium. "This in turn led us to realize that we should work on the ability to save a decorated home (and eventually move it) before we do Room Rentals, so we have chosen to delay Room Renting for now."

The newsletter also includes a look at the Serpent's Spine Mines rebuild (coming R41) and a peek at the Bloody Bay dungeon known as The Fall (R40 or 41). And if your pledge package includes custom-designed NPCs, the team is collecting entries now for the village of Estgard. You always wanted to be a town guard, right?

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One Shots: There's nothing wrong with being childish

An interesting bit of fallout from last week's One Shots challenge to submit a picture that captures a "childlike" spirit is that several commenters noticed that there is a fine line between something being innocent and childish and something belonging in a horror movie.

Why not start out with this shot from Zulika Mi-Nam, who brings back Halloween at the tail end of February? "I think everything in Dragon Nest looks childlike, so I found all of it kinda creepy. Just as I had heard though, the combat is 100% awesome -- and no child's play."

I've occasionally heard that Dragon Nest is an underrated title in the same vein. Might have to check it out one of these days.

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Camelot Unchained completes first pass on working armor, shields, and weapons

Beta 1 is mentioned 14 times in Camelot Unchained's latest update. I'm not saying it means something, but I'm sure feeling like we're making some headway to it!

City State's Mark Jacobs says his team has finished up the item update, putting its new programmer to work on crafting, demoed the new social UI, completed a first pass on the manual aiming system, promoted the experimental patcher, and tinkered with VFX rendering, plus there's new artwork from the WIP place of power.

"As you can see, more and more, our engine is beginning to resemble a game," he writes. "As part of this evolution, we are checking off item from Primary Beta 1 list: 'First pass working armor, shields, and weapons in game.'"

This weekend's test is open to all alpha and beta 1 players, but Jacobs warns that the animation system is a placeholder and physicians are busted.

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Worlds Adrift preps next alpha round with biome, lighting, and respawn tweaks

Hey, Landmark fans. Missing your game? Wondering where you'll go next? How about Worlds Adrift? It's a purty buildy sandboxy toy heading into its Alpha 6.1 playtest, which is testing out the new interior lighting system, new respawn rules, a revamp of the game's major biomes, new acrobatic skills, new ship parts and cores, and -- this is the cool one -- object lifecycles.

"Loose objects players leave behind will start to deteriorate and sink into the ground," explains Bossa Studios. "As the tempestuous death clouds strike the islands with lightning bolts from below, exciting the atlas buried within and creating mini-earthquakes, some of these objects will become completely buried. At the same time, other forgotten relics of the past will be brought to the surface."

Signups for the test run until March 1st, and you can already go build islands for free on Steam.

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Check out these gorgeous New World screenshots

Ever since last September's surprise announcement that Amazon Game Studios was actually building a sandbox MMORPG called New World, we have been dying to know more about it. As the relative lack of coverage on this site might suggest, the studio hasn't really been promoting it past that initial press release.

However, a sharp-eyed fan noticed that the company did put two new screenshots for the game some time recently on the Amazon Lumberyard page. The first picture shows a lush forest setting while the second gives an idea of what a settlement might look like in those early colonial days.

Recently, Amazon put ex-Daybreak CEO John Smedley in charge of a new studio and different mystery project in San Diego. Check out the screenshots after the jump and let us know what you think in the comments!

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Final Fantasy XIV previews a new trial and new deliveries for patch 3.55a

The bad news about Patch 3.55a for Final Fantasy XIV is the stuff it's not going to contain. If you're eagerly awaiting the conclusion of the Main Scenario, it's not in this patch. It's not even going to contain the revamped Diadem, as a few bugs have held that content back until patch 3.55b. But that's no reason to prevent players from exploring all of the parts that are working just fine, hence why the patch is arriving on February 28th. And we've even got some pictures of it down below.

Players will be able to take on the 24-player Ultima battle that was on display through all three fanfests, the first 24-person trial in the game. There's also the new delivery system with Zhloe that allows crafters and gatherers to earn favor with NPCs through custom deliveries, new stages in the Anima Weapon questline, and a new arena for The Feast. Check out the pictures just below; you've only got a few more days to wait!

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Enter to win a Seeker Pack for The Exiled's early access launch today

In honor of the early access launch of The Exiled on Steam today, Fairytale Distillery has granted us some lovely keys to raffle to our readers!

The game -- which you might remember from its days as Das Tal -- bills itself as a "social sandbox MMORPG where survival strategy meets skill-based PvP combat," with full-loot open PvP, player-run guilds and cities, and minimal grind.

The Seeker Pack in particular grants full access to the game past the seven-day trial, cannot be combined with other packs, and includes an extra character slot, two name reservations, a 15% fame gain boost, an extra daily challenge slot, unique skins for Tier 0 weapons and armor, dance and taunt animations, and a special avatar and title.

Read on to enter to win!

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Black Desert brings out the Dark Knight on March 1st

Good news, fans of knights with requisite darkness! Black Desert is bringing the Dark Knight to local shores on March 1st, allowing everyone in the world to be as dark as they like. But you won't have to wait until March 1st to actually make your own Dark Knight, as the game is allowing players access to the character creator for the class with today's patch. That means you can make and customize your forbidden warrior of Kamasylvia today, if you'd like.

This does come with a slight downside, as the developers had been planning on giving everyone an extra character slot to include the Dark Knight, but there are currently some technical issues cropping up due for a hotfix tomorrow.

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Anarchy Online finally arrives on Steam with $90 level boost option

Sixteen years after its debut, Anarchy Online has just now found itself a new home. After a lot of promises and teases, the long-running sci-fi title has finally arrived on Steam to join the rest of the throng of MMORPGs on that platform.

Funcom CEO Rui Casais said that this move is designed to grow the game's audience: "Anarchy Online is one of the longest living online games in the world and millions of players have made the planet of Rubi-ka their home. Bringing the game to Steam is something we have wanted to do for a while and we hope this will bring in new players as well as inspire veterans to come back now that it is easier than ever to travel to Rubi-ka again."

While Anarchy Online does offer a free-to-play option, there is also the choice to subscribe for a more well-rounded experience. Additionally, Steam is selling instant boosts to level 200 for $90 and a new player bundle for $20.

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Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy expansion has just gone live

Neverwinter's Cloaked Ascendancy expansion is live for PC players today, PWE has declared.

"The city of Neverwinter is under attack by the Cloaked Ascendancy, a group of four mages ripped from the Cloak Tower during the Spellplague. Their immense power is derived from the Far Realm and they’re wielding it to claim the throne from Lord Neverember. The latest expansion for the free-to-play MMORPG based on the Dungeons & Dragons franchise and set in the Forgotten Realms features a new campaign, adventure zone, re-vamped dungeon, skirmish and more."

Console players will see the update "later this year." We've got the launch trailer below, along with a recap of our coverage of the campaign to date to catch you up!

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