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Neverwinter announces Tomb of Annihilation expansion for July 25

If you’re a Dungeons and Dragons fan, you may have already been watching the “Stream of Annihilation” on Twitch this afternoon. But if you’re an MMORPG fan as well, you’re getting some extra goodies because Neverwinter is included in the fun: PWE and Cryptic have just announced the Tomb of Annihilation “marquee expansion for 2017” for the game.

“Neverwinter’s Harpers seek to end the wickedness of a new death curse on the jungle peninsula of Chult, sending adventurers on an expedition to a land infested with Yuan-ti, undead and dinosaurs. Beginning at the new social hub of Port Nyanzaru, adventurers will explore various regions of Chult to uncover the evil behind the curse annihilating the people of Faerûn. Adventurers can team up with old friends Minsc, Boo, Celeste, the famed explorer Volothamp Geddarm, and an unexpected ally. The twelfth expansion to Neverwinter brings new content including a Tomb of Annihilation campaign, end-game dungeon, monster hunts with the legendary Volo, a jungle adventure zone inhabited by dinosaurs and social hub for weary travelers.”

Expect the expansion out on July 25th for PC (later for console as always). Enjoy the trailer!

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Play Kritika Online’s closed beta today with one of our keys!

En Masse’s action MMO Kritika Online is deep in the midst of its closed beta as gamers test its four class types, progression systems, and storyline. How does it play? You can check out our impressions of the game so far or our stream… or you can grab a beta key from us, which not only gets you into the beta until June 13th but includes a mini catspaw minipet.

Click the Mo button below (and prove you’re not a robot) to take one home yourself!

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TERA plots Lakan’s Fury for June 6; here’s the latest trailer

TERA’s Lakan’s Fury update will land next week on June 6th, following an extended anniversary event. It’s a Tuesday that’s already shaping up to be a whopper for MMO gamers, and this update? It’s all about the dungeon experience:

“This update brings two more end-game dungeons to the critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORPG: the new solo dungeon Pit of Petrax, and a hard mode version of Velik’s Sanctuary. […] The hard mode of Velik’s Sanctuary is a five-star difficulty dungeon featuring four challenging bosses. Players who can stop Lakan and his minions will be rewarded with a chance to earn the top gear in the game. Solo players seeking an additional challenge can enter the all-new dungeon, Pit of Petrax. This four-star difficulty dungeon has players squaring off against the fangspawn Petrax for a chance to earn top-end accessories.”

Oh yeah, and there’s a trailer. There’s always a trailer!

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Here’s how ArenaNet is improving Guild Wars 2’s WvW

As announced yesterday, ArenaNet is taking the month of June to patch the crap out of Guild Wars 2’s PvP scene, and these are much needed patches, the PvP community will surely agree. The first update focuses on the long-neglected world-vs.-world content and begins rolling out next week. According to a new piece out today, ArenaNet’s goal is to encourage players to actually skirmish in WvW: with sweet, sweet bribery.

“The first major change is skirmish rewards,” says the studio. “The Match Overview tab under the WvW UI has been reworked to include a new Skirmish reward track, similar to the PvP Leagues track. This track is progressed by earning pips, just like in structured PvP, and will grant rewards when tiers and divisions are crossed. However, this track will reset weekly.”

How many pips you rack up depends on everything from your rank, your world position, your group status, your underdog status, and how long you’ve been attached to your current world. The track offers up WvW-related goodies plus “Skirmish Claim Tickets” to help you buy exotic and ascended T2 WvW gear. Once you’ve picked up T1 and T2 gear, you can begin unlocking T3 as well — no crafting required.

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Overwatch reveals Horizons Lunar Colony map

One of these days, Overwatch — bang, zoom, to the moon! And that day is coming very soon, as Blizzard just announced a brand new map, Horizons Lunar Colony.

“Horizon Lunar Colony is an Assault map set in a scientific base on the moon,” the studio said. “Built as a first step towards humanity’s renewed exploration of space, the colony’s goal was to examine the effects of prolonged extraterrestrial habitation — on human and ape alike. The scientists’ research proved incredibly promising… until, suddenly, all contact and communications with the base were lost. Now, many years later, attacking and defending teams must return to the moon and battle for control of the colony’s facilities, all while they discover clues as to the fate of its previous inhabitants.”

Season five of competitive play began last night, and participating players can earn a South African icon and spray for their accounts. You can take a peek at the Horizon Lunar Colony map after the break!

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Grim Dawn sells 1M copies, previews Inquisitor class

While you’ve been off playing other games, Grim Dawn has become a sleeper hit in the ARPG community. The dark game just announced its one millionth copy sold since its February 2016 launch. As a cherry on top of that cake, over 200,000 batches of DLC have been purchased by players as well.

And times are about to get even better for Grim Dawn. This year, the multiplayer game will roll out a so-far-unnamed expansion, and part of this release will include the new Inquisitor mastery. Inquisitors are “hunters of all things eldritch and bizarre,” wielding skills such as protective seals and offensive runes to decimate the army of darkness. If you like classes that toss out traps left and right for enemies to stumble blindly into, then the Inquisitor is tailor-made for your desire.


The Repopulation moves forward with huge patch, alpha plans

Back in January, we learned the fate of The Repopulation: The Hero Engine team from Idea Fabrik would be taking over development of the game from its original developers at Above & Beyond following a lengthy dispute between the two that took the alpha offline for more than a year. It returned online and relaunched on Steam earlier this spring, promising an update in May after major issues were discovered in the code.

And here we are now in May, and the new team says the staging build is nearly live. The latest dev post promises that the “core vision” is still in line with A&B’s, will stay away from pay-to-win, will expand “to include multiple play styles” for PvE and PvP, will consider new and different rulesets, and will lay the groundwork for “future expansions.” The update is dubbed Condorslug, “first and foremost the start of the renovation to replication within every game system, at its very core this is about bug fixing and trying to get things in a much better place.” Expect new shaders, redone heightmaps, new textures, and yes, wipes.

Oh yeah, and expect to shell out some dough too, as the studio is “aiming to re-enable the purchasing of higher tiers” once the dust has settled.

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Indie multiplayer VR ARPG Prevent the Fall lands on Steam early access

So here’s a new one to our games list today: Indie developer D.W.S’s “all the things” ARPG Prevent the Fall. It’s one of those dungeon crawlers that supports everything from singleplayer offline to fully online multiplayer mode, and it boasts VR support too.

“The major features are all in place, and you can rise to level 20. The game features optional virtual reality support, but it is not required. It can be played with gamepad, vive motion controllers, or keyboard and mouse. Oculus Touch will be officially supported in the future, but Oculus users can currently participate using gamepads. The Action RPG gameplay revolves around generated quests with a mixture of generated and static dungeon elements. You can play entirely in single player, or can host or join multiplayer co-op sessions. Co-op sessions can mix and match VR and non-VR players.”

D.W.S cautions would-be players that the game is “very much a work in progress” with the usual assortment of early access bugs. The game is expected to move out of early access by the end of 2017. As of press time, the EA version of the game is just under $13.

Check out the pics and the early access video – oddly hazy, right?

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ARK: Survival Evolved gets working potty, is dirt cheap on Steam

Who patches a video game on Memorial Day? Studio Wildcard, apparently. It pushed out a big PC patch for dino survival sandbox ARK: Survival Evolved last night with five new creatures, motorboats, harpoon guns, new hair, better achievements, and “an interactive toilet for when you just can’t hold it in anymore.” You cannot make this stuff up.

“With this update, ARK: Survival Evolved has officially released 100 creatures to the base game, not including bosses, events, or specialized variants,” says Wildcard.

The studio is also wiping minimap data for all players in order to trigger the minimap achievement. Ouch.

Do note that the game and its expansion (yes, it’s an early access game with a B2P expansion) are both deeply discounted on Steam, under 14 bucks for the bundle. The new trailer and pics of the new critters are down below.

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Wild West Online FAQ says the game is ‘not historically correct’

Remember the days when MMOs used to post clear and concise FAQs instead of messy AMAs and lengthy developer livestreams? Wild West Online does, which is why it has a massive and informative FAQ up on its forums containing questions the community has about this project.

The FAQ confirms that an alpha test is coming in early-to-mid summer but that the devs are still hashing out several of the game’s systems, including the character skill system. Cosmetics, roleplay, housing, clans, nudity, trains, weapons, voice chat, crafting, and death penalties are among the many topics handled.

Wild West Online is confirmed to be only loosely inspired by the real world: “WWO is based on the old west of the late 1800s, early 1900s, but it’s not historically correct and will not reference on any real world events.”

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Dark and Light continues to woo the elemental demographic

Apparently Dark and Light’s elemental scene is so captivating, so rich, and so diverse that it requires a follow-up developer diary to fully cover this essential topic during the game’s alpha period.

All kidding aside, elementals are more than just another mob type in Dark and Light. Since players can eventually craft their own from the remnants of defeated foes, it’s important to know which type does what. For example, the stone elemental is ideal for guarding a base, while light elementals are the most powerful (and deadliest to attack) for an offensive partner.

Or what about befriending your own Olaf? “Tamed Ice Imps loyally follow their masters, lending a hand in combat and using their natural iciness to preserve food and various perishable reagents while you’re exploring the world! This property makes keeping an Ice Imp around a major priority for any adventurer struck with wanderlust.”

Source: Steam


One Shots: Action arrested

In tossing out a screenshot challenge last week revolving around combat action shots, you’d think that this would be a piece of cake. After all, we do fight a little bit in MMOs, right? But it turns out that capturing a good-looking combat picture is really difficult in the midst of the chaos… unless your MMO is set up for it.

“I hardly ever take screenshots in combat,” said Zyrusticae. “Usually too busy being distracted by actually playing the game. But Warframe’s Captura tool certainly changes things in that regard. Wish all games had something on this level. I need to jump in and take more screenshots!”

It is pretty sweet! Definitely second the motion to port this over to all MMORPGs.

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Make My MMO: Legends of Aria’s alpha, Ashes of Creation’s lofty ambitions (May 27, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Legends of Aria — which we’ll probably never stop accidentally calling Shards Onlinebegan its alpha, introducing testers and founder pack players to the revitalized game. While gamers will still be able to roll their own “shards” and play their own way, Citadel Studios has expanded its scope and plans a much bigger map, improved combat, and official servers to bring the game in line with MMORPG gamer expectations.

Meanwhile, Grim Dawn sold a million copies on PC, Valiance Online caught us up on its weekly build, Crowfall pushed its 5.0.2 alpha to testers, AdventureQuest 3D began its Battleon attack event, Ashes of Creation revealed its lofty ambitions to be the biggest Kickstarted MMORPG ever, and Shroud of the Avatar rolled out release 42!

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on.

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