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Revelation Online adds Snowpine Reach to its travelogues has a pair of new dev blogs out this week. The first focuses on Snowpine Reach, a snowy Alpine zone in the northeast corner of Nuanor, and yeah, screenshots like these are why you play Revelation Online.

“Snowpine Reach is cold enough to dampen the spirits of those unused to such chilling environments, thus those who stay there must quickly learn how to craft the warmest clothes using the hides and furs of local wildlife,” says the studio. “Given Snowpine Reach is also the staging ground for one of the most bitter rivalries in Nuanor, staying warm isn’t the only factor one must adapt to when trying to survive.” That’s because the baddies are also trying to kill you, as are the factions — at least until you pick a side.

The other piece covers the lore behind Shinji. Poor, poor, Shinji, doomed to be the king of everything. Have a look — pretty, yeah?

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Valiance Online’s capital city hall is ‘akin to the Pentagon’ for supers

Back in April, Silverhelm Studios told players it was instituting “big changes” in the way it was rolling out information for City of Heroes-inspired indie MMORPG Valiance Online, with a renewed emphasis on transparency. So far it’s delivered on that promise, as over the course of just the last few weeks, it’s begun posting development roadmap snapshots, mulled over sidekicking, previewed in-game buildings, and posted a map of the game world.

This week, it’s posted another look at the city hall of Skyeline, a tiered building with more lore than you can shake a cape at.

“The final structure that stands today is as glorious in appearance as it is in capability. Made from an amalgam of composite and newly generated Haelan brand synthetic metals, City Hall is a bastion of gleaming silver, mirrored glass and alabaster stone. It has multiple floors that begin on the lower second tier of Skyeline’s layers and proceeds twenty stories tall to end above the third tier. The building’s bowed hexagonal arch shape allows visitors to the city to walk under city hall to the Prisma Celeste and Memorial grounds beyond. A series of white marble and bronze accented stairs leads up either side of the main entrance to the many offices of the various departments contained within.”

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Dark and Light previews dwarves, launches early access ‘later this year’

Does it seem as if Dark and Light is just creeping along with a tiny trickle of updates? We’ve got another one this week in the form of new screenshots posted to social media demonstrating the old game and the new.

“Behind-the-scenes, our devs are busy polishing DnL for its EA launch,” Snail Games says. It’s been in the process of rebooting the decade-old MMORPG since last year. It was originally intended to launch in the fall of last year, as we’ve previously chronicled. Earlier this spring, the game’s Chinese branch apologized to players for “again” making the decision to extend development, thereby delaying beta (and presumably our early access) until (at least?) summer, though Snail is saying “later this year“:

“Check out some of the work our devs have been putting into fleshing out the world of Dark and Light! Improved models, textures, lighting, and general world design are just a few of the things being polished up for the Early Access launch later this year.”

The new images are tucked down below.

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Atlas Reactor’s season three appends Meridian to the roster

Season 3 has dropped in Trion’s Atlas Reactor today, introducing the brand-new Hyperforge map and a brand-new support hero, Meridian.

“He blurs the line between Frontline and Support, and doesn’t feel the burden of carrying the p.u.g.s! He’s the royal Hyperion Primus that hefts a massive 2-handed hammer powered by old Reactor tech. His ultimate shields his nearby teammates turn after turn, helping keep his Firepower’s alive to win trades. He’ll launch with a Necrolancer alternate skin that is scary enough to win games through skintimidation.”

Trion’s also rolling out new skins, new achievement tracking and badges for the season, and the return of the Extraction game mode. The ranked component of the season kicks off two weeks from now and also includes special rewards for those who jump in. We’ve got all the new images of Meridian below — enjoy!

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Crowfall posts another teaser for the reveal of teasers

What could Crowfall’s teasers for Teaser Week mean? Are they teasing new classes? New races? New combinations of same? Today’s teaser is just a group of images consisting of a short, hairy man, some weapons, and some landscapes. That could be a teaser for an upcoming camping trip with your uncle Todd, but probably not. (You may not even have an uncle Todd. We don’t know your family very well.)

Of course, speculation is running rampant, so you can feel free to engage in your own speculation down below. You might also want to take yesterday’s teaser into account. And hey, if you’d like to also bring in stuff like the Lead Masks incident and the UVB-76 broadcast, who are we to judge?

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Secret World Legends launches June 26; check out the new trailer

When Funcom told everyone a few weeks ago that Secret World Legends was still on track for spring, MMO gamers were skeptical. Technically, they were right to be: Funcom has this morning announced that the game will launch on June 26th, a few days after the summer solstice.

As we’ve previously reported, the game is a “shared-world role-playing game” reboot-like “reimagination” of MMORPG The Secret World, which will be maintenance moded in its wake. The new game, which has been in beta this spring, is still under NDA.

Secret World Legends features a revamped combat system, newly designed progression system, updated visuals, and more. You can choose to explore and uncover the story by yourself, or you can team up with other players. In the game’s central hub, Agartha, you can meet and socialize with hundreds of other players, while player population in the adventure areas beyond will be tightly controlled to make sure that the experience is as immersive as possible and that the focus remains on you and your journey.”

Stay tuned for more, as we’ll be chatting with the studio this afternoon, and check out the new trailer and images down below.

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Dekaron drops a huge patch with a dungeon, wardrobe, and class overhaul

This past week, “extreme action” MMO Dekaron came out with its Act 19 Part 1 update this past week, and the world was never the same again.

Well, that might be a bit hyperbolic, but the game is pretty on fire for this patch. It sounds like a fairly comprehensive update with plenty for everyone to enjoy, starting with an overhaul of all of Dekaron’s 12 classes and a new character title system.

Act 19 Part 1 opens the doors to the Forgotten Underground Temple, a dungeon with useful rewards to be plucked from the stiffening fingers of monster corpses. The update also contains the new item creation system, more quests, more store offerings, and a closet system that allows characters to save and swap cosmetic outfits.

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ARK: Survival Evolved rolls out bees, sharks with frickin laser beams, and an auction house mod

Why I took this post, I have no idea: I’m firmly in the “NOT THE BEES” camp over here, and yet bees are exactly what ARK: Survival Evolved got this weekend in the form of Giant Bees. That, and sharks with frickin laser beams on their heads thanks to the TEK Megalodon Saddle. Not coincidentally, we suspect, the volcano POI has also gotten a major redesign and is actually active.

Reddit is currently debating whether Studio Wildcard’s implication that it’s going to hold off on new creatures following the late May patch is a good idea. Just kidding, everybody thinks it’s a good idea. As one poster put it, “Now they will finally be doing what many of us have been saying for years: ‘STOP ADDING SHIT AND FIX YER SHIT!'”

Meanwhile, there’s good stuff rolling out for custom servers thanks to Wildcard’s sponsored mods program, including an auction house!

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One Shots: Lonely hearts

Are gamers really lonely? Do we flock to MMORPGs as a response to that? I’m pondering these thoughts today following the response of a call for screenshots that captured the emotional state of loneliness. There were several entries, which makes me think that being alone, even together, is something that’s often on our mind.

In this vein, Rees Racer has an example from — of all games — Winning Putt Online. Seriously.

“Despite several different modes of team play in Winning Putt Online, sometimes it’s just you and your putter left to walk off the 18th green after a round, wondering how it all went so terribly wrong,” Rees writes. Mental note: “Rees Writes” would be an interesting PBS kids-type show.

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Make My MMO: Ashes of Creation’s Kickstarter, ROKH’s early access, Valiance’s map (May 6, 2017)

This week in MMO crowdfunding, Ashes of Creation made the leap to Kickstarter, raising (so far as I type this) 1.35M, far more than its $750,000 goal. The game has kept the MMO community busy all week, though it hasn’t been without its issues.

On the survival sandbox front, Mars-themed ROKH released a new trailer and screenshots. It’s slated to hit early access later this month.

Meanwhile, Legends of Aria (fka Shards Online) suffered a delay, Crowfall has a big reveal coming in May, OrbusVR ran its second (brief!) closed alpha with the runemage rework, Grim Dawn teased its upcoming new gear and Inquisitor in a new trailer (below), Pantheon unveiled the Monk, Elite Dangerous’ Salome event ended in disaster, and Valiance Online posted several updates — including a mock-up of its map!

Read on for more on what’s up with MMO crowdfunding over the last week and the regular roundup of all the crowdfunded MMOs we’ve got our eye on.

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Marvel Heroes’ Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 promo video is live

What’s cuter than baby Groot?

Nothing. So why try, yeah?

Marvel Heroes’s Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 promo is now live, with the screens and video to prove it. The video is calling it “new content,” but as we covered earlier this week, it’s buyable skins, an event, and some admittedly nice sales on cash-shop items relating to the theme. The voice clips in the video are fun, however, and we’ve tucked it down below.

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Valiance Online previews City Hall and the hospital

The team behind Valiance Online wants to show you everything there is to be seen within the game. Of course, you can’t see it yourself at the moment, but that’s all right; the development team is more than happy to highlight some screenshots for you, showing off the City Hall platform and two shots of the Landvik Memorial Hospital for future players from the current internal tests.

Once players are actually in the test, the plan is to continue publishing screenshots from both players and developers on a regular basis, so everyone can see what’s going on in the world. For now, though, it’s just internal test shots. You’ll have to mentally add the swarms of players and particle effects.

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TERA’s fifth birthday celebration is finally underway, counts 6.6M registered players

Did you think TERA had forgotten its birthday? We did too for a minute there, but nope! It’s a few days belated, but En Masse is indeed rolling out its fifth birthday gifties this month. Expect quizzes for prizes and a free pair of wings (just log in to claim them). Plus:

“A brand-new Anniversary Token Shop with a rotating weekly inventory of items not normally available for sale has also been added to the game for the month of May. Anniversary Tokens are earned in-game by participating in PvP battlegrounds and PvE dungeons with different content highlighted each week in the in-game calendar. Players will also have a rare chance to win cosmetic items normally only available in the game’s online store via drops in highlighted PvP battlegrounds and from the final boss in highlighted PvE dungeons.”

And that’s just the ice cream to the cake, since Velik’s Fate is launching next week with more serious content: “two brand-new dungeons, Velik’s Hold and Velik’s Sanctuary,” featuring new baddies and a new boss, plus the requisite armor and weapon sets to make it worth your while. Check out the birthday vid, new images, and infographic below!

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