Pax Dei floods Discord with screenshots of wildlife, continues to promise alpha testing soon


The sandbox MMORPG Pax Dei is extremely proud of its plantlife and animal life, and just in case you doubt us, then you need to only look at the massive gallery of images that the devs shared on Discord over the past few weeks, offering a look at a wide assortment of life from its latest friends and family test build.

Most of the pictures appear to indicate that the world of Pax Dei will be very lively if not terribly fantastical, with familiar flora and fauna on display including foxes, badgers, various mushrooms, wild berries, and a host of field flowers. Almost all of the images are simply showing the items off, but several of the most recent ones include things that can be foraged for food or crafting; we have to presume that the deadly nightshade is not for eating.

The devs of the game acknowledge on Discord that the end of the first quarter is rapidly approaching without any word of when its next alpha test will begin. There still is no start date for the test, but the devs do confirm that those who were invited to previous testing rounds will be coming back, and they urge all interested players to link their Discord account to their Pax Dei account to receive “a higher chance of being selected and receiving an invitation.” For now, there’s a whole lot of wildlife pics to peruse below.

source: Discord (1, 2)
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