EverQuest II adds the remainder of its tradeskill achievements for the year ahead of time

Sink it.

All right, so if you’re playing EverQuest II, you have plenty of achievements tracking throughout the entire year as the Year of Darkpaw rolls on. But if you’re not a big fan of wondering what in the world the year’s achievements will look like, you can be happy that the entire year’s worth of tradeskill achievements have been added to the game with the most recent minor patch. Yep. The whole year’s worth.

If you’re thinking that sounds like a letdown now… boy, there’s no pleasing you, huh? But you’re also wrong because the actual rewards will not be available until the correct months. So if you start working toward the May achievement now, it won’t be available until May or later; you can just get started on the prep work. There are also the usual smattering of bug fixes and mechanical updates for those not trying to work ahead, but you can get caught up on those with the patch notes themselves.

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