WoW’s last major Draenor raid is Hellfire Citadel

Warlords of Draenor’s last major raid will be Hellfire Citadel, according to an interview with World of Warcraft lead game designer Cory Stockton. Patch 6.2 will also be Draenor’s last, though Blizzard Watch reports that the dev team is “keeping a close eye on how quickly players are burning through new content.”

You can read a full summary of the interview courtesy of BW, or watch the proceedings for yourself by clicking past the cut.

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Vendetta Online is having a summer sale

Now is probably an ideal time to check out (or return to) indie space sandbox Vendetta Online. Guild Software is gearing up to release version 1.9, and it is also selling 100 premium subscription keys at 33 percent off the usual price. Premium allows unlimited play for a year on any platform (or any combination of platforms, since Vendetta’s single-shard universe spans PCs, Macs, Androids, and iOS devices), and it also comes with “long-term subscriber” status which grants a Corvus Greyhound camo ship to the user.

Vendetta’s most recent newsletter has further details, along with updates on the game’s new rendering engine and a recap of recent gameplay tweaks.

Source: Summer sale


How Neverwinter designs the critters that wreck you

Neverwinter has an advantage in terms of enemy design, since years of Dungeons & Dragons have given it huge amounts of material to work with for new monsters, even if you disregard options like the xorn. That doesn’t mean it’s exactly easy to design new critters for the game, though, just that the hard work shifts away from figuring out what possible new creatures might inhabit the game. A new development blog is about just that, not coincidentally.

Once the team figures out which of the many creatures available it wishes to include in the game, what comes next is a matter of sketching out the possible designs and sculpting details in basic 3-D models. It’s a fairly involved process, the sort you can see in depth on the official site if you want to know how a monster goes from a twinkle in the design team’s eye to that irritating snarling thing you hate fighting.

The game’s Rise of Tiamat expansion landed on Xbox One earlier this week.


Villagers & Heroes Reborn to add interiors to housing

What’s better than owning a home with a garden? How about a house with an interior! Currently, Villagers & Heroes’ housing system only allows for players to interact with the building for storage as well as provides a buff. However, that’s going to change: During our recent Stream Team episode, Mad Otter CEO Damon Slye surprised viewers with the revelation that plans are in the works to open up the interiors of the homes for players to enter. Not a lot of other details are known at this point, but when the topics of interior decorating and letting players craft furniture on the lathe were raised, Slye called them both “good ideas.” We’ll keep you posted as more information comes out!


City of Titans demos its costume-making process

Every superhero worth her or his salt knows that it’s the costume that makes the hero. Well, that and a heapload of mutant powers, high-tech gadgetry, and billionaire funding. But it’s mostly the outfit.

That’s why City of Heroes spiritual successor City of Titans is putting in a lot of effort to create a spread of costumes for the game. In a new dev diary, the art team walks through the creation of a couple sets of tech armor, starting from sketches and progressing to full 3-D models.

The artist says that the assembly line may look weird, but that it all has purpose: “I know this looks like a pile of weird polygons, but trust me — all the helmet surfaces are here and that will help on baking our detailed mesh over this one. I personally think it has some kind of beauty. The more space used, the better the texture resolution.”

You can watch a pair of videos of the making of these costume pieces after the break!

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World of Tanks, SWTOR rocketed up the Raptr chart in May

Raptr’s most-played games list is out for this past May, and it looks that both World of Tanks and Star Wars: The Old Republic did quite well for themselves during the month, at least among those who used this service.

In the realm of MMOs, SWTOR jumped up four spots from the month previous to land at #14. Final Fantasy XIV remained steady at #13, although World of Warcraft slipped three spots (#5) and Guild Wars 2 is down four (#19). ArcheAge dropped off the top 20 as well.

For MOBAs and lobby titles, League of Legends is still #1, followed by DOTA 2 (#3), SMITE (#8), Diablo III (#9), Hearthstone (#10), Heroes of the Storm (#12), Warframe (#15), and War Thunder (#16). World of Tanks made significant progress in May, shooting up five slots to #6.

Source: Raptr blog


Perfect Ten: The 10 dev stages of every new MMO class

Any game with classes adds new classes over time. It’s almost axiomatic. I don’t know why absolutely every game cannot be designed with the classes that the designers want from day one, and I really don’t know why I can’t say that, look at a brand-new game, and still find myself immediately asking about when I get new classes. I was speculating on new classes for Star Wars: The Old Republic when it had been out for two weeks for funk’s sake.

But whatever game you’re playing, there’s a pattern to these new classes being added. It’s an inevitable pattern, one that happens time and again. It’s also a pattern that fits nicely into an article structured around the titular number of bullet points, which is really good for me because I apparently cannot rename the column to “Perfect Seven-And-A-Half” for a week. This is also why I still haven’t gotten a drinking game in here.

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Cabal 2 launches right here, right now

You ready for some frantic action combat? Cabal 2 is open for business, as ESTSoft’s fantasy title officially releases to the public today.

COO Steve Pae said that Cabal 2 shows how combat doesn’t have to be a grind: “Cabal 2 features gorgeous graphics and an awesome skill-based combat system, which is easy to learn but a challenge to master, and it will make MMO gamers remember why they fell in love with the genre in the first place.”

Cabal 2 is free-to-play and places an emphasis on fun combat with combos. It boasts an expansive world, a competitive PvP game, and plenty of dungeons to go around. You can check out the launch trailer after the break!

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Guild Wars 2 reveals Stronghold PvP Mist Champions, admits SAB is on hold

ArenaNet has just announced Mist Champions for Guild Wars 2’s incoming Heart of Thorns Stronghold PvP mode. In a new dev blog released today, Branden Gee and Hugh Norfolk explain that the Mist Champions replace heroes in the Stronghold mode and act as “superweapons” during the fight. So far, there are three such characters, each plucked from lore and each with special skills: Turai Ossa, Grymm Svaard, and Nika.

The studio has also revealed that players will be allowed to toggle their game-mode preferences and choose whether they’d like to play Stronghold, Conquest, or both.

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Skyforge soft launches into open beta on July 16th

Skyforge fans, get ready to get ready because your game is headed for soft launch. The open beta, which won’t be wiped, begins on July 16th, and early access for that open beta kicks off one week from today.

The wait is nearly over: Skyforge’s Open Beta begins on July 16th! And, starting on July 9th, Founder’s Pack owners will be able to take their first permanent steps towards Godhood, during the 7-day Skyforge Early Access period! Starting in Early Access, all progress will be permanent. On July 16th, after the conclusion of the Early Access event, Skyforge will then officially transition into Open Beta and the journey from immortal to godhood will begin for all players!

MMOs, launching convolutedly without using the word since 2010! Here’s more good news: If you log in during the first week of open beta, you’ll snag a sweet mechanic costume to boot. Check out the open beta trailer below.

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World of Warships’ open beta launches today

Let the naval battles commence: World of Warships soft launches today! Above and beyond throwing open the beta doors to one and all, the game is introducing brand-new features too. Players can now captain historical ships from the Soviet and UK nations as well as from American and Japan in both the game’s PvE mode and 12v12 PvP matches. Additionally, the new signal flag customization system allows players to not only visibly display battle achievements on their ships but accrue special bonuses; each flag offers different buffs, such as increasing vessel speed, granting extra credits for a battle, increasing the experience points gained in combat, and more.

For those who have purchased pre-order packages, Wargaming is also crediting those to players. Any closed beta testers who used their bundles during the previous testing phase are credited them again. Check out the new trailer below!

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TERA is going berserk with its new update and new class tease

Summer’s certainly not going to be boring in TERA’s neck of the woods. The action MMO is prepping a new content update for next Tuesday called Go Berserk, and it’s got a lot of everything to devour.

The patch’s name points at the new tanking skills that are coming to the Berserker class, although the fun doesn’t stop there. En Masse is also adding in plenty of group content: the Timescape dungeon, the Akeron’s Inferno raid, and the Gridiron PvP battleground. Go Berserk will also throw in a costume preview dressing room and a few sets of tier 7 gear.

TERA also teased a new melee tank class that should be coming to the game later this summer. Check out the class reveal and the Go Berserk trailer after the cut!

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