Betawatch: Indefinite delays hit Bless Online (November 13th, 2015)

There is basically no situation wherein an indefinite delay is a good thing for a game. Bless Online is getting hit with one at the moment, as the game is currently undergoing major revisions to nine key areas. Hopefully that indefinite delay doesn’t turn into a permanent delay; the game hasn’t yet had a chance to launch a localized edition with wildly divisive choices blamed on the localization team.

Other news in the beta world this week, as always:

And yes, there’s more stuff in beta testing in the full list down below, which you may enter at your leisure. Everything’s about entries these days. On that note, if there’s an issue with one of the entries below – like something that swapped test phases without us noticing – let us know down in the comments.

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GTA Online’s Friday the 13th event offers bonuses, a hearse, and more

If you haven’t managed to snag Grand Theft Auto Online’s Halloween Surprise vehicles, this weekend’s Friday the 13th event is your last chance.

In case a final opportunity to acquire a badass hearse isn’t enough motivation, you might also want to log into Rockstar’s open world crime opus to partake of double RP, double money payouts, and some Vinewood horror movie t-shirts for your avatar.

This weekend’s event starts on the 13th (duh) and runs through Sunday, November 15th.

Source: Rockstar


Camelot Unchained unveils its support classes [Updated]

Camelot Unchained’s latest class reveal should please fans of bards and support. The three archetypes are the Skald, the Minstrel, and the Dark Fool. The Skald foregoes musical instruments to focus on words, which are amplified with “certain magical accoutrements.” Skalds are also the best choice if you’d like to focus on using weapons. The Minstrel sounds fairly traditional as far as classes go, though the update does note that they’re prone to offering enemies a “lute to the head”  instead of a song. Finally, the Dark Fool is a trickster who uses reed pipes to confuse, mislead, and attack.

Further info on all three support flavors is found CU’s official website.

Update: CU’s Mark Jacobs has also penned a new Friday evening update that sums up development progress over the past week.


The Stream Team: Get your EverQuest and EverQuest II beta keys!

Have you wanted to get into EverQuest and/or EverQuest II’s expansion betas but haven’t preordered the necessary expansion to do so? Then today is your lucky day… despite it being Friday the 13th! MassivelyOP’s MJ has slew of beta keys for EQII’s Terrors of Thalumbra and EQ’s The Broken Mirror to give away while she wanders around in ToT. These expansions launch next week, however, so your chance to explore them for yourself before they go live is limited. Join us at 5:00 p.m. to nab your own access.

What:  EverQuest II
Who: MJ Guthrie
When: 5:00 p.m. EST on Friday, November 13th, 2015

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Leaderboard: What’s your favorite LOTRO class?

Yesterday I asked about your favorite zone in Lord of the Rings Online, but today I’d like to narrow the choices a bit and ask another question related to Turbine’s fantasy MMO.

I’ve played the game off and on since launch, and I’ve got one of every class at this point. Most of my time is spent on my Hunter, though, both because I like ranged DPS and because I like being able to port around the vast world when I’m not roleplaying.

What about you, LOTRO fans? What’s your favorite class and why? Vote after the cut!

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The latest Elite newsletter features a pretty cool Imperial Cutter

Frontier has released the 99th newsletter for Elite: Dangerous, which coincides with initial availability of the 1.5 ship update beta. There’s also a slick new video demo featuring the exterior of an Imperial Cutter as seen from an SRV, as well as a look at the inside of a fortified transport.

Issue 99 also recaps last Tuesday’s livestream as well as Frontier’s plans for planetary raw materials in the Horizons launch. There’s more, too, but you’ll need to click on the link after the cut to read it!

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Have fun in TERA’s bonus weekend: Your generosity made it happen

En Masse Entertainment, the company behind TERA, took part in the Extra Life charity drive this year and wound up raising nearly $10,000 total. That means bonuses for all players, and thus a bonus weekend is running right now until November 16th at 2 p.m. EST. Hooray for charity!

All players can enjoy a 25% increase in experience earned from killing enemies in the world along with a maximum Stamina increase to 135. Players can also accept more daily quests during the event, with Standard accounts bumped up to 15 per day and Elite accounts set at 30 per day. That makes this a good weekend to jump into the game if you want to reap the benefits of charitable action.


Compare and contrast the Warcraft movie trailer to the same areas in World of Warcraft

The landscapes of the upcoming Warcraft movie are not unfamiliar to veterans of World of Warcraft. Heck, they’re not even unfamiliar to dabblers within World of Warcraft, as many of these locations are ones encountered within moments of logging into the game for the first time. Fan Aerial51zd took the opportunity to compare the landscapes on display in the film’s recent trailer to the same regions in World of Warcraft.

Obviously, the caveat would be that WoW takes place three decades after the events of the movie and is a decade old itself at this point, so some of the details are different. No conclusions are drawn by the comparison imagery, but you can check out the full set of images and draw your own conclusions. Or watch the movie trailer again, if you want.

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Why I keep returning to Lord of the Rings Online

I got sucked into Lord of the Rings Online last weekend and I’m not sure why. There’s no new Hobbit movie forthcoming (thank funk). I haven’t reread Tolkien’s books lately, either, so that’s not the reason. I guess it’s just that time of year when I look around at the MMO space, see a mass of uninspired grindparks, and think to myself, “Well, at least I can wander through Middle-earth!”

This pilgrimage happens once, if not twice annually, and while I don’t know how long my current sojourn will last, ultimately all that matters is that I’m having a great time with it.

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Nexon had a good year in spite of its NCsoft disengagement

You might think Nexon would be smarting after selling off its NCsoft shares at a substantial loss in the wake of what was apparently a failed hostile move by by one South Korean giant against another. And maybe it’ll hurt in the four quarter — Nexon itself predicts revenues to drop — but its third quarter financial report sure looks rosy.

Nexon says its Q3 revenues neared 50 billion yen, “up 9% year-over-year.” The bulk of the revenue came from PC online games (almost 40 billion yen), while mobile game revenue clocked in at just over 10 billion yen, all up year-over-year. Of note, it says, “Dungeon & Fighter in China showed solid results” in the PC space, with Fifa Online 3M and DomiNations leading the mobile pack.

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WoW Factor: In the wake of BlizzCon’s Legion content

Well, folks, we’re officially living in a post-BlizzCon world. Until the next one. The point is, we’re done with that convention, and all that’s left is considering what is coming next for World of Warcraft and how close we got to all of the various elements that I said we really needed to come out of the convention. So how did Blizzard do?

Pretty well, actually. If you missed the four liveblogs I did and didn’t see my reactions in real-time, I suppose that’s news. (The Grand Magistrix has power over time.)

As with any convention, there was good and bad. Now that we’ve all had a few days to digest the information that’s come out of the weekend festivities, it’s a good time to examine the systems that were announced, the order of the presentation, and how well the job of managing expectations while building hype has been achieved. It’s not perfect, and it’s too early to call it even a return to form, but this far nothing has knocked my cautious optimism off the rails, so that’s something.

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Penguins and angler fish board ARK as tribal warfare begins

ARK: Survival Evolved has gone to the birds — and the fish — in the latest update. On top of a feathers and fur graphical update, yesterday’s addition of update 223 introduced the adorable Kairuku Waitaki, better recognized as a penguin, and the deep-sea Melanocetus, or anglerfish. Both new creatures are useful in the quest for survival.

Although the penguins aren’t really any good in a fight, players may want to collect a rookery of them as they exude body heat that can keep you warm while adventuring on the tundra. On a more morbid note, these docile creatures also have blubber that works as polymer, with the highest concentration found in the babies. The distinctive light found on the anglerfish makes it the perfect companion for underwater exploring, whereas harvesting this fish nets materials used for making a long-lasting fuel and organic lights for your house. Get a glimpse of them both in the video below.

In addition to new creatures, this update introduces the new Tribal Warfare Alliance system. Tribes can now declare war against each other for a specific time frame that all parties agree upon, encouraging large-scale PvP instead of offline raiding.

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Lineage II: ‘Classic hardcore is back’

Lineage II formally launched on Steam this week, complete with a fresh-start server, Zaken. There are even server firsts rewards, mostly pirate-themed goodies, for those who zip their way through content on Zaken, both in PvE and PvP.

More intriguingly, at least if you play Lineage II in Europe, is the fact that the game’s EU handlers are finally launching the classic Lineage II server players voted for last spring, lining themselves up to compete with some of the illegal emulators floating around the internet. “Lineage 2 Classic” will cost 10 euros a month — yes, it’s a subscription-funded service — and feature a hardcore ruleset. “Intense and hardcore levelling in Lineage 2 Classic will make every level a real achievement,” declares the website. “Incomparable fun for all the fans of classic hardcore!”

Pre-orders are open now; we’ve included info on the two pre-order packs below.

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