BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth expansion live Q&A liveblog

Ah, here we go again. It’s time for our final liveblog of BlizzCon 2017, and it’s the World of Warcraft Q&A. And they’re live questions, which means that there are going to be several questions about the new expansion (that will not be answered because all of the information that can be shared right now has been shared), several questions about lore (that will be laughed at), and several questions about when we’ll get Jaina’s hair (it does look nice).

At this point, who knows what could happen? They announced World of Warcraft: Classic. They could do anything. Blizzard badger don’t care, apparently. Of course, if you don’t want to watch all of that, why not just watch our liveblog down below? It’s still speeding along at a fair clip, and it’s what we’re doing here. You can catch up past the break if you missed the start.

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BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft art panel liveblog

Remember how last year, we got an enormous amount of art discussion during a panel that really should have been about systems? Or was it the year before? These things blur together sometimes. If you spend a whole lot of time liveblogging about World of Warcraft at each installment of BlizzCon, at some point you just start letting it all push together into a melange. What stands out most are the hunted, harried looks during the Warlords of Draenor era.

Still, all of the liveblogging beats an actual west coast trip. And reading it is probably even more fun, especially when the art panel is actually labeled as the art panel! Let’s learn all about the art in the comments below, or by catching up with the recap just below. Fun for the art-focused family!

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BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft gameplay and systems panel liveblog

The gameplay and systems panel is always very important to World of Warcraft. You found out long ago (well, a few hours ago) about the existence of World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth, and now you have to find out how long it is down that leveling road. And, for that matter, what will be along the way. Dungeons and quests, sure, but how many? What sort of mechanics will they include? How will classes play? Do Rogues get swirly balls back?

Yeah, that one’s just trolling. You’re never getting swirly balls again.

Fortunately, all of these questions are going to be addressed, at least in passing, by this BlizzCon 2017 panel. So let’s find out more about the mechanics that we’ve got now, what’s coming around the bend, and what will be here in the future as we sit through another liveblogging session. As always, catch up past the break!

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BlizzCon 2017: World of Warcraft what’s next panel liveblog

So let’s be honest with you, folks: We are writing this before we actually know what happened in the BlizzCon 2017 opening ceremony. We know that in all likelihood, this panel is going to be all about World of Warcraft: Expansion Titles Go After The Colon, but we don’t actually know what title goes after that colon. All we know is that it’s probably not National Lampoon’s Vacation.

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BlizzCon 2017: Opening ceremonies liveblog

True confession time: The original version of this post was just the lyrics to Lindsey Buckingham’s “Holiday Road” with a poor phonetic transcription of the song’s guitar riffs. But apparently this post should actually talk about BlizzCon 2017, just because that’s what we’re actually here for. And it’s true! We are totally here for our annual liveblog of the convention’s opening ceremonies and all the associated revelations.

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BlizzCon 2017: Massively OP’s complete coverage

Check out all of our coverage of this year’s BlizzCon, before, during, and after! We’ll be liveblogging five of the larger World of Warcraft-related panels: On Friday, we’ll be liveblogging the opening ceremony at 2 p.m. EDT, the “what’s next” WoW panel at 3:30 p.m. EDT, and the WoW gameplay panel at 7 p.m. EDT. On Saturday, we’ll be liveblogging the WoW art panel at 3:45 p.m. EDT and the WoW live Q&A at 7 p.m. EDT. Check back here as each post goes live!

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Guild Wars 2’s second expansion, Path of Fire, launches September 22 (liveblog)

Update! It’s over now, but you can catch the recap and preorder info right here!

If you’ve somehow managed to avoid all the many leaks of Guild Wars 2’s expansion — starting with the where last October and peaking with the what in May — then you’re going into today’s official streamed reveal of the expansion blind and it’s gonna be so fun for you! For everyone else, we’re hoping for confirmation of what we think we know and fresh details on what we don’t. Maybe we’ll even get a trailer and preorder option. It seems likely, right? There will apparently be giveaway hoopla too!

We’ll be liveblogging today’s stream down in the comments to help out those of you who can’t watch streams from work or just want to hang out in a non-spammy spot during the festivities. We kick off at noon!

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Liveblogging the Final Fantasy XIV Letter from the Producer LIVE XXXVI

For those who’ve somehow missed it, Final Fantasy XIV producer and director Naoki Yoshida regularly does live letters for the community. We don’t usually liveblog them because, well, most of them take place at a time of day many people are aware of only by rumors. But this time the letter is in English and happening right now, so we’re going to go ahead and liveblog it for your viewing pleasure.

We’ve included an embed past the break, but if you can’t watch the video or would prefer not to, worry not; we’ll be updating you on the progress of the letter right in the comments. This is the first time we’ve done the liveblog with the new comment system, so we’re eager to put it through its paces. What things will be revealed? (Stuff related to Stormblood. We all know it.)

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BlizzCon 2016: World of Warcraft Q&A panel

And now, we come to the final liveblog we’ll be doing for BlizzCon 2016, the part of the event when several World of Warcraft fans demonstrate that they know more about the game than some of the designers. It’s the Q&A panel, full of important information sandwiched between blank stares and a few laughed-off inquiries.

Hey, we’ve done this dance before. We know how it goes.

For one last time, jump on down below for our live coverage of the event as it streams. We will not be liveblogging “Weird” Al Yankovic’s concert, although I’m certain it will be spectacular. I’ve seen him live. He’s great.

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BlizzCon 2015: World of Warcraft Q&A liveblog

It’s the tail end of BlizzCon, and World of Warcraft players have Legion questions. Players probably had questions at the start of the convention, too, but now were’ to the point that those questions can actually get answered. Yes, tonight we’ll get the final panel for the game during the convention, and once again, we’re bringing you the results live and unfiltered.

Like our previous liveblogs, the live updates will be down in the comments, with the main body of the post updated as we go. Join us down in the comments while the panel is running to take part in the back-and-forth, or just catch up on all of the big revelations. What will they be about? We don’t know; they’re questions and answers. It’s hard to be sure yet.

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BlizzCon 2015: World of Warcraft Legion systems panel liveblog

How is transmogrifying items going to change with World of Warcraft‘s Legion expansion? What are the restrictions on transmogrifying artifacts? How do the artifacts work? What changes are being brought to abilities in order to balance PvP with a new progression system? What sort of crazy tech is involved in making all zones scale to your level? What rewards will we have access to with the new challenge keystones? Can we queue for them properly? Does the Grand Magistrix have power over time?

These questions and more are what we go into this BlizzCon panel with. What we will take away from it, hopefully, are an array of answers and fine details so that we can step into the fast-approaching beta with knowledge rather than dumbfounded stares. So jump on into the comments to take part in our liveblogging once again as we find out how World of Warcraft‘s new systems will work. You can also check below for a recap of what’s happened.

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World of Warcraft: Legion overview panel recap

There’s an expansion in the works for World of Warcraft. That’s not news. It’s the details of that expansion that fans have been anxiously awaiting ever since the expansion was first announced in August. Now that BlizzCon is here, we’re finally getting more details, and just for the heck of it we thought we’d go ahead and liveblog the revelations for y’all. A couple people are probably interested in that, right?

Update: The liveblog is over, but you can still backtrack through the comments and take a look at our recap in the post below. While everyone could watch the opening ceremony, this one is exclusive to virtual ticket holders, so cast your eyes down below and get a look at what Legion has to offer.

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World of Warcraft announces Legion expansion with Demon Hunter class, Broken Isles continent; beta this year

The liveblog is after the cut. Here are the highlights!

Blizzard has just announced World of Warcraft’s next expansion: Legion. Blizzard’s Tom Chilton says that the initial video is “connecting tissue” between Warlords of Draenor and the next expansion. It shows Gul’dan is setting up the events in the next expansion. Spoilers: It’s Illidan. Here’s what the trailer and presentation promises for Legion:

  • New continent: Broken Isles
  • New Demon Hunter class for Night Elves and Blood Elves with a unique experience akin to the Death Knight’s; it has two specs, one for DPS and one for tanking
  • Raised level to 110
  • New dungeons and raids
  • New PvP honor system with a PvP talent tree of sorts that reduces levels’ importance in PvP (it’s a bit like GW2 or FFXIV)
  • Artifact weapons (it’s like LotRO’s LIs + an awesome customization tree), along with weapon visual customization
  • Class “order halls”
  • The “biggest demonic invasion of Azeroth ever”
  • Titans are involved; so is the Emerald Dream (but it’s a raid)
  • Dalaran is coming back as the main hub (hell yeah!)
  • Beta begins this year! No release date was given.
  • The official site will be here:

Blizzard promises that the lore lead-up to the new expansion will take place in the game prior to its launch. Eliot’s whole liveblog with more info is down in the comments!
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