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Launch Date: March 1, 2011
Genre: Fantasy Themepark
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Platform: PC

RIFT players datamine changes to the Prime XP curve and new item packs

The fine souls at the Ghar Station has once again turned to the latest RIFT patch to mine out relevant information, and the results are now visible for all to see! Curious about how experience-to-level rates are changing? There’s a chart for that, and it’s a useful one, since the reduction isn’t uniform; higher levels have a bigger overall reduction. It’s not a huge shift, but it should make getting past level 30 somewhat faster and smoother.

The datamining has also turned up evidence of an upcoming mount sale, for those who feel like there aren’t currently enough different options for what you ride around town. Another option is coming in the form of a new mined-out item pack offering players an Armored Blood Raptor, a 40-slot bag, a dragon companion pet, and 15 days of subscription time. So many secrets hidden in the data files; when you experience all of them in the wild, try to act dutifully surprised.

Source: Ghar Station


Global Chat: Dipping back into MMO underwater combat

Guild Wars 2’s recent renovation of underwater combat has brought back some interest to this oft-neglected sphere of gameplay. Inventory Full’s Bhagpuss used this occasion as an opportunity to examine the role of underwater combat in general and the changes to GW2 in specific.

“The undersea worlds of most MMOs weren’t quite so unforgiving but still they were shunned,” he notes. “Developers tended to avoid them too, other than blocking out something wet and watery in the most perfunctory manner possible. It was quite a surprise when Guild Wars 2 launched with a goodly amount to see and do below the surface, any number of bodies of water, from inland lakes to the open seas, offering much the same opportunity and inducement to explore as their counterparts on dry land.”

Once you towel off from that essay, join the MMO blogosphere as it looks at DC Universe Online, World of Warcraft, RIFT Prime, and more!

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RIFT hotfix brings soul changes, dragons, and events to the servers

While its rollout has been rocky today, RIFT’s “lucky” 13th hotfix brought a lot of content and changes to both the regular and Prime servers.

The major focus of the hotfix was on the game’s souls and callings, with a particular focus on the progression server’s class balance. You’re going to want to run down the whole extensive list (are we sure this is a mere hotfix?) for all of the details, but Trion did note that it made a big fix to buff stacking that could help or hurt certain builds depending.

On the live server, the Seeker event is going on from now through June 15th. By discovering and solving puzzles, players can earn free silver tier loyalty in the game store.

Then, over on Prime, the Greenscale’s Blight raid has gone live, a new vigil challenge is underway, and crafting rifts are now a thing. Players can log in to get a couple of nice freebies: a third character slot and a Verde companion pet.

Source: Patch notes


Global Chat: The MMO expansion lifecycle

With the ever-developing, ever-growing nature of MMORPGs, the expansion truly has a life of its own. By now we are well acquainted with the cycle that runs from gestation to obsolescence and can usually point to where any particular expansion is on this chart.

The Lazy Goldmaker outlined the typical progression of MMO expansion packs with a six-step cycle that focuses heavily on the economy and raiding: “After the final raid of the expansion we will enter the last content drought. This is typically the longest period with nothing exciting added to the game. We are in the middle of this phase of Legion currently. Most of the markets from the live expansion will still be viable, but profit margins will be decreasing, as will prices on all goods.”

Read on for more MMO blog essays, including ones that cover EVE Online, Wizard101, SWTOR, and LOTRO!

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One Shots: All giant spiders, all the time

Sometimes I am just so proud of our One Shots crowd here at Massively OP. I keep coming up with ludicrous screenshot challenges and you all continue to rise to the occasion. Even when I ask for spiders. Giant spiders.

We got ever so many.

Vincent leads the arachnid parade with this pic from Final Fantasy XIV: “I give you Arachne Eve, the first boss in the Weeping City (aka ‘Wiping City’) raid. My alliance was not amused I was taking screenshots mid-battle — especially as I was the healer. But y’know… priorities.”

At least he has learned the important lesson that One Shots is more important than anything else in your gaming life. You should all be this devoted.

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RIFT datamining uncovers new decorations, items, and damage values for Prime

Datamining: the time-honored practice of digging things out from the client files for a game that hasn’t yet been put into the game. RIFT has some fun stuff to dig out, and the blog over at The Ghar Station has picked out some interesting tidbits including some behind-the-scenes calculation changes for damage on the Prime server. It’s not entirely certain, but the new scaling variables for damage reduction and damage dealt based by level are in there, which should help anyone trying to build up an extensive knowledge of the under-the-hood combat math.

This round of datamining also picks out new LFR dungeon teaser images, new decorations for dimensions, a new set of wardrobe items, and a few more achievements. We’d prefer not to spoil you on what all of these things are beyond the vaguest terms, but if you don’t mind being spoiled (or even look forward to it), hop on over to see what got pulled out of the mix.

Source: The Ghar Station; thanks to anonymous for the tip!


RIFT opens a progression test server

What’s better and more useful than one test server? If you’re Trion Worlds, it’s two test servers! No, the studio hasn’t gone loco just yet; Trion wanted to establish a second public test server to try out changes for RIFT’s progression shard.

“We’ve been hard at work on this project over the weekend, which will allow us to better test features and balance before sending them to Prime,” Trion said. “Omega runs on a Prime config and will have a test build of unreleased Prime changes on it.”

The Omega server is up and the patch notes are already posted for the upcoming build, so check it out! RIFT Prime recently enabled its Greenscale Blight raid, offering more endgame content for the newly minted level 50s.

Source: RIFT


The Daily Grind: What has been the best MMO expansion or update of 2018 so far?

We are about to put four months of 2018 in the can, and during that time there has been quite a lot of movement in the MMO field with a few launches, reboots, and plenty of updates.

So far this year, Trove busted out its Heroes expansion, Skyforge added a new class with Overgrowth, TERA made the jump to consoles, and RIFT tried its hand at a progression server. That’s just scratching the surface, because it seems like every week we see several major updates come through.

Looking at the four-month start to this year, what would you say is the best MMO expansion or update so far? Yes, there is plenty coming, but what about content that’s already been released?


Impressions of Sea of Thieves, one month in: Deep-diving retro world PvP

It’s really hard for me to not to gush hard about Sea of Thieves. I know many out there won’t agree, and it’s easy to say why, especially for RPG and theme park fans. It also may be because I’m late to the party, as the game came out while I was at GDC. That being said, Massively OP doesn’t do ratings because we expect the games we cover to evolve, but we do post impressions and hands-on coverage, and as I’ve played the game before and after it’s latest patch, I figure it’s time to lay out some judgments. Don’t worry, we’ll run through the game’s grimy pockets before looking at its actual treasure!

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RIFT gets ready for patch day while ArcheAge re-enables transfers and name changes

A couple of small notices swung our way from Trion Worlds’ MMORPGs. Tomorrow, RIFT is going to be updating the game, and with the changes (including the opening of the Greenscale raid on RIFT Prime), the studio is adding a few new store options and a raid gear merchant.

“Yep, we’re setting [the raid gear merchant] up in advance of Greenscale’s Blight, because you all deserve to plan ahead,” Trion said. “The current expert armor vendor will level up to become the ascended quartermaster — selling dungeon, expert, and raid armor. Raid armor will be available in exchange for Primal Marks of Ascension.”

Meanwhile, over at ArcheAge the team has delayed the normal weekly maintenance to cram in a hotfix that was designed to fix a bug and re-enable transfer and name change services.

Source: RIFT, ArcheAge


Massively OP Podcast Episode 166: Russia breaks the internet

On this week’s show, Bree and Justin dive into the Russia gaming crisis, tackle a trio of significant MMO patches, and celebrate the coming of a cute-looking title. Plus there’s always those challenging community podcast questions to keep them occupied!

It’s the Massively OP Podcast, an action-packed hour of news, tales, opinions, and gamer emails! And remember, if you’d like to send in your own letter to the show, use the “Tips” button in the top-right corner of the site to do so.

Listen to the show right now:

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RIFT Prime reintroduces 10-player slivers and LFR

The sliver-spooned mouths of RIFT Prime subscribers are being filled with all manner of endgame challenges this week. With the first step forward of its progression content, RIFT Prime has reintroduced two of its slivers to the Vigil server.

“When you dare to enter a sliver, you will experience an alternate timeline where events have evolved differently, often disastrously, from our own reality,” Trion Worlds said. “Danger and imminent death await all but the strongest.”

The first two slivers to be activated are the ocean-themed Drowned Halls and the hostile desert environment of Gilded Prophecy. The 10-player content requires “highly coordinated” teams to tackle the content. Fortunately, the looking for raid tool is now back in the game as well to hook such players up together.

Source: RIFT


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