EVE Fanfest to feature Worlds Collide server competition

Ain't no Massively yacht

Planning a trip to Iceland for this year’s EVE Online Fanfest? If so you’ll probably want to look at CCP’s latest blog post, which focuses on what there is to see and do when you’re not watching panels or consuming vast quantities of alcohol.

One of the main events is Worlds Collide, a PvP contest that pits pilots from EVE’s original server, Tranquility, against capsuleers from Serenity, the Chinese server launched in 2012. If you can’t make the trip, you can watch the competition on Twitch, and all active players from the winning server will receive a Victorieux Luxury Yacht.

[Source: CCP blog post. Our original article conflated the servers Serenity and Singularity and has been corrected with thanks to reader Seamus.]
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