Yes, you can push people off cliffs in Crowfall


The folks behind “throne war simulator” MMORPG Crowfall have released two new archetypes today. The first is the Elven Frostweaver, a ranged DPS reminiscent of Drow; the second is the Guinecean Duelist, an adorable dexterity-oriented melee character who will have the Ratonga fans in our audience squeaking with glee.

ArtCraft has also posted a new game physics FAQ that covers everything from collision detection to friendly fire on the Voxel Farm tech platform it announced earlier this week. Collision detection, by the way, is totally happening.

Can players block other players from moving? Yes they can, which should allow for some interesting battlefield formations. However, not all characters will have the same mass, so a larger character like a Centaur will have no trouble pushing a much smaller Assassin out of the way. Also, some characters may have special powers that enable them to teleport past other players, while others may have powers that prevent players from passing them. Controlling the battlefield will be a key strategy to master!

Let’s make sure we get the really important questions answered too.

Can I use physics to push another player off a cliff? Or down a mountain? Absolutely, assuming the force applied to them is enough to move their mass. Some of the characters have much more mass than others like the Centaur or the Champion.

ArtCraft has promised a character model creation livestream next Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. EST.

[Source: New archetypesphysics FAQ]
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