Runes of Magic plans server merges


North America and Australia Runes of Magic players, buckle up: You’re about to experience some server merger turbulence. During this period, drink service will be suspended and the devs have asked that you remain in your seats with your seatbelts fastened.

The team announced the incoming merges last year and recently posted a FAQ about how plans are progressing. The six current servers between the regions will be condensced down into two: Artemis and Govinda. There aren’t any “defined dates” as of yet for the merge, but the team assures its fans that game updates won’t be affected by the move.

If you have a Runes of Magic character on one of these servers, you’ll need to log in (or have logged in during the past year) to make sure that your character is flagged for the transition.

[Source: Official forums. Thanks to Kailenn for the tip!]
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