Path of Exile has plans for ‘years’ of expansions

A rather extensive (and we do mean extensive) Path of Exile developer Q&A revealed that the game and studio is growing nicely. “There are many years of Path of Exile expansions lined up,” the team posted. “We’ve expanded up to 57 staff at our office and are hopefully moving to a larger office location in the next couple of months!”

There are many questions regarding the spring expansion for the game, which is currently referred to as Act 4. In addition to more content and improvements, Grinding Gear will be adding localizations for German, French and Brazilian Portuguese (as well as a South American data center).

The team also talked about unknown recipes that the community has yet to discover and how it is combating cheaters: “While we haven’t been posting stats on the number of players banned, we have been taking a very aggressive stance towards banning players for running cheating software. It has made a big impact (not only by banning the cheaters but by discouraging other people from starting to cheat).”

There are just scads of questions and answers in this post, so if you’re a PoE player, it would behoove you to give it a careful read!

[Source: Dev Q&A]
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