Roberts on Star Citizen’s funding model, Minecraft, and more

Star Citizen

Polygon posted an interview with Chris Roberts this week, and it’s worth a read if you’re still wearing your Star-Citizen-is-a-Ponzi-scheme cap. “People can only back for a ship when we have it in production,” Roberts says, when asked if he worries about Cloud Imperium Games taking money for assets that never materialize.

He goes on to explain how Star Citizen’s development model was heavily influenced by Minecraft. “My original plan was that I was going to raise some money from private investors to build a sort of alpha that didn’t have everything I wanted in it,” Roberts says. “It would have been enough that I could give it to someone and they could play it and they could give me a reduced amount of money and I would use that money to continue adding features until I built it to my final feature set.”

Now, though, CIG has amassed such a sizable crowdfunded warchest that Roberts has decided against promising even more functionality. “We actually kind of backed off from doing stretch goals recently just because we’ve done so many of them and there is always a bit of a debate,” he said. “First of all, we’re starting to run out of ideas and second of all we have a lot to do and people started complaining.”

[Source: Polygon]
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