Age of Conan plans blockbuster year while Bylos teases ‘super exciting’ project


Age of Conan players, don’t feel left out; you got a meaty game director letter too. Joel Bylos appeared for his last time in that role to promote all of the goods that players have to look forward to in 2015.

The next update for AoC will include more achievements, more panoramas, a hidden treasure system revamp, and additional instance challenges to spice up dungeon runs. Past that, the team is prepping the arena (which includes pet fighting) and preparing an additional endgame progression system that will allow classes to use a wider variety of weapons.

As for Joel Bylos departing as game director, he said on forums that players shouldn’t fret. “I’ve been asked to work on something that is super exciting and totally not something I am allowed to talk about,” he posted. “[The Secret World] has been going from strength to strength lately — all of the live games have — and my moving off is actually more of a consequence of that success.”

[Source: Age of Conan, The Secret World forums. Thanks to David for the tip!]
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