The Secret World is selling an all-in-one Tokyo pack


If you’ve fallen behind on purchasing your Secret World DLC or have yet to step foot into Tokyo, then Funcom has the deal of the week for you. The studio announced today that it’s selling a new Fall of Tokyo pack that includes all of the content in that zone to date as well as next month’s Issue #11: Reaping the Whirlwind.

The pack is priced at $30 and includes Issues #9, #10, and #11, as well as the 11 Tokyo sidestories missions. The studio is also throwing in an exclusive Orochi pilot jumpsuit as a bonus. If you’ve already purchased Issues #9 and #10, you will get the jumpsuit for free. Additionally, previous owners of Issue #9 can buy the pack at a discounted price of $20.

[Source: The Secret World. Thanks to Nordavind for the tip!]

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