Learn all about LOTRO’s legendary item imbuement system


Lord of the Rings Online’s legendary item system has been a point of fierce community debate ever since it arrived way back in the game’s first expansion. With next week’s Update 16, Turbine is looking to improve the old recycle cycle with something called legendary item imbuement.

So what is LI imbuement? A new dev diary posted today walks players through the change: “Imbuement is an opt-in process available at level 100 that permanently transforms a legendary item. Once imbued, it never needs to be re-forged or reconfigured again.”

An imbued LI will be able to grow steadily through dozens of legacy tiers using item XP as an endgame alternative advancement system. Some of the old legacies will not make the transition into imbuement because of conflicts and other issues, however. The team said that it will evaluate how the new imbuement system is working at level 100 before potentially adding it for earlier levels.

[Source: Legendary item imbuement]
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