City of Titans demos its first costume and combat prototypes


It’s been a little quiet on the City of Titans development front for a while, but when you see the game’s most recent video, you’ll understand why. A spiritual successor to City of Heroes wants to hold something back to surprise people when the game’s 11th anniversary rolls around, after all. So late last night, the team showed off the combat, and perhaps more importantly, the costume creator.

The official post on the subject notes that for the first time in development, City of Titans is a full game: It functions completely, with combat, death, respawns, and so forth. It also talks about a technology created for the game to allow the engine to render even complex characters much faster and more efficiently than other games. Read the full post, watch the video down below, and if you’re an old City of Heroes stalwart, be prepared to get a little smirk of satisfaction in the process.

[Source: City of Titans: A New Dawn]
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