Ex-City of Heroes devs answer insane number of lore questions


The now-annual City of Heroes “Loregasm” is complete, with ex-developers Matt Miller and Sean McCann delivering another wealth of insights into the late, great superhero MMO.

The pair tackled dozens and dozens of questions like champs in the community Q&A. One revelation is that the team never planned to fully redeem the sinister Lord Recluse: “I don’t think we planned to ever fully redeem him, but there were plans to make him a more relatable super-villain. […] We wanted to make it a big deal that Lord Recluse was one of the few super-villains in charge of both an army and an entire nation, the Rogue Isles. That makes him a villain with something to defend and something to lose, and he would behave in that way.”

While he was quite open about many subjects, Miller clammed up when he was pressed for details on his pitch for a proposed City of Heroes 2: “Well, you see… waitaminute, this isn’t a CoH question, this is a question about CoH2! Nice try!”


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No reply from our author…which is a pity. I was most curious what his turn of the phrase meant. My best guess… either he’s quoting what was said, but not saying it himself. If so, it could be he has no clue what it means… only that it was said and was interesting. On the other hand, quite possibly he is referring to something pre-close.
I suppose I’ll never know.
I suppose if there was one question I’d ask you…it is “why?”
Okay, It’s been said NCSoft lost money on CoH. To me, it looks more like they chose to lose money… spending into the red on research, offering free to play, etc…and having achieved a loss, then shut it down.
When we come to motive, it seems like there is some dislike of the customer that is not driven by good business sense. It’s driven by anger, or ego, or resentment, or some other irrational passion/
Do you know “Why” NCSoft has come to hold customers in such contempt?


RonaldHarrison savecityofheroes  they had been a lot of crazy hell going on. from Aug 30 2012 the data that I had been collecting over tones of research (not home work). read documents, study the study. and not rush to a conclusion . some times it take 20 years go get one question answered. I take it slow and easy. I am not in a race, Not like the market keeps changing for the worse.  as far as COH 2 yes people are still taking about it.
the data shows and the research shows that is not going to happen . If I was wrong it will had been on CNN and New York Times. It will be in Korea News. So far my research dose report in from Matt Miller. He is no longer developing MMORPG and Online Gamming. No mater what user name I make and what kind of email address I make. Crystal Clear “NO!” That was not clear as mud water.
I am against Private servers. What that is Pirate server. Matt Miller and his Paragon Studio team will not get any money for development.  That had been tried and failed. Seg’s COX. It is broken also its a crash drama. then they stop development and left it alone. The project is dead. I know people wanted it. I did not need some cheap copy china style copy.  All I am looking at is data and what kind of information I am looking at and study it.
see what is for real and what is not real.  I am not being a Republican or Democrat or what ever.
Very Cold bone chilling facts.  I know for the fact NCSOFT is not going to being back COH.
I know for the fact that NCSOFT and NEXON is in some kind of Civil law suit for over 2 1/2 hears.
I know for the fact NCSOFT cannot afford civil law suits.  I know for the fact NCSOFT have no respect for the customers in the USA. They made it crystal clear that they are supporting the ASIAN market.. and Guild Wars 2 is the perfect MMORPG for the job noted my NCSOFT. I know for the fact. NCSOFT lost millions of US dollars  due to the lost of COH. and I know for the fact that NCSOFT sister company ARENA NET what ever the correct spelling it. who cares. What I did noted by fact the development of the game did turn people off and left Guild Wars 2 and players did got banned over some kind of bidding that was made in to the GW2. and 3rd lack of sales.
GW2 bad development players have nothing to look forward to.
GW2 fans getting banned
GW2 sales down.
So Wildstar was the replacement. That is not working
and NCSOFT in Civil war for over 2 1/2 hears and its not going to end any time soon
lost of COH fans did do a extreme heavy impact on there bank account
Every move NCSOFT have done. what ever the call was made. it exploded in there face.
I even go and visit big nation wide video game dealer. see what is flying off the walls and what is not moving.
after hundreds of visits. I never seen one customer buy anything with the NCSOFT logo.
Then I go to another dealer. not designed to be a video game dealer. made to be the biggest all around buy anything your needs are. Food , Toilet Paper, cleaners, paint, tools, thousands of ideas to buy.
Some PC games is in the last. only a small collection. NCSOFT games are in the small list. not a one sold.
for a year. not a one. then they lower the price like 3 times. No sale. two big dealers. Customers come in like crazy.  people buying games left and right. NCSOFT games sitting there not sold. its due to the customer service of NCSOFT? its it the murder of COH? What is it that leave a big fear in customers minds to stay off NCSOFT? I talk to managers what is going on? there respond is the same is my own… all I do is research it and talk about it and see what the future holds? The down hill slide of B.S will hit rock bottom and pile up.
the billion dollar question is how big that pile of B.S is going to be.
 I am going to love the death of NCSOFT. they are not going to last very much longer.. How much longer that is the billion dollar question. How long NCSOFT will last? How long is this screw up is going to last? is there going to be more? Yes there is? What is it? I do not know. However I do know its coming. The big question is what is it going to be? What is the next MMORPG is NCSOFT is going to kill. its due for one more. or a shocking 3 more. all at the same time? or one after the other?  there is forever news being updated.
people can find it. its not that hard to find.
I ran in to the problems if Guild Wars 2  with out even trying.
I bumped in to the news of NCSOFT over 2 1/2 year Civil law suit with out even half trying.
its easy. people will bring in news. what ever shape and form it comes in.
 I find one with out half trying then I see YEP I should have put a bet on that. I know that was going to happen and it did. then I thank who ever made that news. I thank you so much for that breath taking news.
its easy to look things up. The hard part is find answers to play City of Heroes with out the online servers
that is the hard part to get that to work. I know it can be done. China done that and never made put it in the USA market. I lost the email  and who ever it was sent it left the company. that trail ended.
 I will find more news bad and good, and pending for time is all ways being updated one way or the other
. the fact finding is to be worked on.
I found a lot of it on youtube. how people left Guild Wars 2 one way or the other.
I made a new hobby. kicking NCSOFT in there rear end via the internet. They do it to them self and they do not see it coming. oh man I love it The stupid things they do to them self  man I love it.
I clue NCSOFT in to the issues at hand. and NCSOFT dose not read it and never get it.
Well I tried  then I stop doing giving NCSOFT a clue. let them figure it out. then a youtube videos comes in.
 I go like all right. I seen that coming,. I know that was going  to bite NCSOFT in the rear end.
it just keeps coming. I find a new clip on hard core copy. Yep I seen that coming. I love NCSOFt stupid crap


savecityofheroes RonaldHarrison
The loss of the game has been very traumatic for many, and even without bringing bad intentions into the mix, there are bound to be false rumors by the truckload.
There are those who will get your hopes up as a cruel prank. Some will think they’re doing good. It’s going on 27 months after the sunset, maybe NCSoft will see the excitement, be amazed, and decide they’d like customers who are so dedicated. Sometimes rumors just happen.
Justin could be talking about a proposal made while CoX was still alive.. someone might have simply been asking what CoX 2 would have been, had there been a CoX 2.

Justin’s source might have been. Justin may or may not have correctly understood the date. Or maybe Justin has info we don’t.
So for now, I’d like to hear what Justin has to say on the matter. From where I stand you could both be literally correct.
Good luck in your digging!


RonaldHarrison  I got bad news. I asked Matt Miller to see if he can go to Atlas Park Revival due to its bad production speed. This is his respond. MATT MILLER AKA POSITRON IS NO LONGER DOING ANY MMORPG PRODUCTION WORK OF ANY KIND WHAT SO EVER!!!!!  as far as COH2 that was a fake story line from COHTITAN NETWORK a BLACK MARKET PUBLIC FORUMS creating HELL for COH FANS what I got all my information from is  doing a ton of research online. and gather all the bits and pieces and put them together. Its going to take me a ton of more work to be done. When I do get a answer one way or the other. The story is not done. its to be continued………………..


Massovely Overpowered!
Can you please source your article’s assertion that Matt Miller has pitched a proposed CoH2?


No MMORPG had this kind of soul in the game. I test driven some others. You know what? I hated all of them! Not a one. never mind give me ideas what a MMROPG is on now is not going to replace City of Heroes. It was a pleasure and honor to be a member of COH.
I thank the Paragon Studios for creating the game and the fans to help keep the game on!
Now I ask for a Mod to play COH with out the online servers.. At least that will keep people happy as least for now. able to do the missions.
I am still going though a big problem. Home sick paragon City. The angry itch to start COH. its still in my hard drive ready for upgrade and start up. even I know its not going to work any more. However that is how it stands.  what can be done? City of Titans might be the cure? I do not think so. I think that is going to make things worse. Valiance online is nothing more of a copy of DC Universe. I do not want a copy of another game to make a COH theme to it. I only want my game back CITY OF HEROES!


I know for the fact that Matt Miller will not be doing any more design work for City of Heroes and City of Heroes 2
he had sent me a message many times no mater what log in name I use,  I can tell he is tired of this. Frustrated to death about it.
Yes  I loved his work. However its over. The best that any one an do is thank him for his work and wish him the best of luck for the future.
Time to pass the buck on to some one else. I cannot be creating all kinds of log in names and then ask the same questions over and over. I  do not have no control of what had happened. I asked and I got the answer to the question. Its going to be NO! No Longer doing any more development to COH. 

why not work on the development of the publishing issues of NCSOFT Korea. lets push on that.


I have been demanding for a MOD to play City of Heroes with out the use of Online servers. When ever I start talking about that mod. people hate it. Who the hell this guy asking a question line that. Dose it know MMROPG only works Online Only!
Then I go something like this when in the constitution rights dose it say MMORPG can only play Online only?
then I told them Look it up. All I wanted is to play City of Heroes. I do not give a crap about the rule book about MMORPG is only online game play only. When the game is on  2004-2012 most of the time I am playing my game solo any way. The online servers simply get in the way.  Get NCSOFT creating problems for every one. We got buyers trying to buy off the publishing rights to COH while NCSOFt refuse to sell.  The Greeeeedy NCSOFT Korea CEO who ever that man is have not a human.


mysecretid However APR  Atlas Park Revival is making City of Heroes 1.5. Good or bad there is going to be changes. COH fans from 2004 ( I am one of them)  I just do not know. What I do know wait for the end of 2015 to find any Pre-Alpha or Alpha game play news will take place then at the same its only a best guess from APR on a Alpha game play COH 1.5
What I do know is development will take time.  What I do know the project can die at any time. Its all up to NCSOFT to allow the game to be development. 
Anything to do with CITY OF HEROES 2. ????? Matt Miller will not be in the project.


mysecretid bad news I got bad news from Matt Miller. He is no longer going to develop MMORPG any more It told me so