Ex-City of Heroes devs answer insane number of lore questions


The now-annual City of Heroes “Loregasm” is complete, with ex-developers Matt Miller and Sean McCann delivering another wealth of insights into the late, great superhero MMO.

The pair tackled dozens and dozens of questions like champs in the community Q&A. One revelation is that the team never planned to fully redeem the sinister Lord Recluse: “I don’t think we planned to ever fully redeem him, but there were plans to make him a more relatable super-villain. […] We wanted to make it a big deal that Lord Recluse was one of the few super-villains in charge of both an army and an entire nation, the Rogue Isles. That makes him a villain with something to defend and something to lose, and he would behave in that way.”

While he was quite open about many subjects, Miller clammed up when he was pressed for details on his pitch for a proposed City of Heroes 2: “Well, you see… waitaminute, this isn’t a CoH question, this is a question about CoH2! Nice try!”

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