MapleStory 2 is launching in Korea on July 7


Predictions of a July 2nd launch date for MapleStory 2 were off — but only by a few days. Nexon announced that the colorful sequel to MapleStory will be releasing in Korea on July 7th without progressing through an open beta stage.

At launch, players can hop, skip, and slice their way to level 30 and enjoy a wide range of content, such as PvP and user-created content. There are plans to raise the level cap to 40 later in July and to 50 in August.

[AL:MS2]Players don’t have to be twiddling their thumbs between now and July 7th, however. Nexon is allowing folks to download the game and create their characters in preparation for the launch day.

Source: Steparu. Thanks to Dystopiq for the tip!
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