Champions Online expands team, focuses on endgame


Perfect World and Cryptic Studios are actually expanding Champions Online’s team.

The companies announced new hire Kaiserin in a state-of-the-game post last night, telling players that she’s a long-time community member.

Recent updates, the studios report, have focused on a more streamlined user experience, a revised event system, and onslaught supervillain gameplay. And lockboxes. They actually list lockboxes. Cryptic says it’s working on even more lockbox types, quality-of-life improvements, and even new endgame content.

“You’ve got multiple top-end heroes and the best gear in the game: what do you do now? Well, we want to throw some epic new challenges your way! Get ready to save the world again!”

Source: Champs SOTG. H/T The Grand Nagus.
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