Crowfall shares a little lore behind the First Crow

I have been called a hundred names and will be called a thousand more before the world grows cold and dim.

Who is the First Crow? He is a figure of some notoriety in Crowfall. He is eternal. He is unchanging. He is nothing. He is a man reduced to a single overriding impulse to fight, and yet he is a man who fights for nothing. And if there’s a better lore figure to summarize the cyclical nature of the game, it’s hard to think of one. Hence today’s lore entry on Hero, the First Crow.

Even the lore about the First Crow is unclear, but it is known that he was once mortal. He was a man who fought for a reason. But the gods cursed him with their greatest burden, and that is immortality. You can read all about it in the lore entry – it might not be hard system data, but it’s interesting worldbuilding.

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