Raise your own pet through ArcheAge’s Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival


Beginning this weekend, you can participate in one of the more unusual MMORPG events we’ve seen in a while: ArcheAge’s Pawesome Autumn Adoption Festival in Skyfang, Windscour Savannah, kicks off on November 14th and runs through the 28th.

And why would you do this bizarre thing? Because pets.

Your pawesome journey will begin by speaking with Nairamdal! This keeper of beasts will offer you a quest to accept a frail pet to take care of. The pets available are a baby Calico, Seal-Point, Gray Tabby, Orange Tabby, Black Cat, Wolfhound Puppy, Yata, and Elk.

Raising the pet is important for two reasons. First of all, following this chain will offer you festival tokens, which you can turn in for prizes. But, more importantly, you’ll begin forming a relationship with this pet that will allow you to place it in your home! Raising your pet from frail baby to fully grown adult won’t be easy — the pet will require certain items in order to make sure it grows up healthy and strong. Make sure to be a responsible owner!

You’ll also be able to earn festival tokens by listening to stories about cows and returning lost yata and elk to their families. Tokens can be turned in for a number of pet-themed goodies, including pet beds and towers.


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