The Stream Team: Playing with the new puppies in AQ3D

Want a puppy? You can have one in AQ3D thanks to the newest update! Obviously the pet-loving Massively OP's MJ cannot resist the charms...

Lineage II previews Aden’s pet system

Are you tired of your pets following you into battle in other MMOs just to look cute flopping around on the ground? Lineage II's...

Not So Massively: Four things I wish I’d known when I started Magic Legends

Inevitably after a couple weeks in a new game, you've learned a few things that you wish you'd known from the start. For me...

The Soapbox: Pet battles are one of the best things WoW ever did (which is why I’ve never played one)

Pokemon first burst onto the scene when I was in elementary school. I've always been lukewarm at best toward anime and "cute" things, so...

Wolcen’s Bloodtrail Chronicle update is live as a massive 12GB update

Remember when Wolcen announced that its first seasonal Chronicle, Bloodtrail, would be coming soon-  but didn't offer up a date? It turns out "soon"...

Not So Massively: Why ARPGs, not MMOs, are where pet classes truly shine

I noticed something odd when I started playing Grim Dawn aways back: I went straight for the pet builds. This is interesting because this...

MMO Cartographer: Riders of Icarus is a very tame MMORPG

I have a few vices, and one of them is a mild to moderate obsession with game pets and mounts. I am pretty sure...

The Survivalist: The perils of breeding pets in PixARK, chapter two

There is wrong, and then there is perilously wrong. The kind of wrong so dangerous that the odds of your heart finally recovering are...

The Stream Team: Raising kittens of chaos in Conan Exiles

Massively OP's MJ finally got her place pet-ready -- or at least enough to throw down a pen! Now it is time to raise...

The Stream Team: Building a pet-friendly Conan Exiles treehouse

Now that Massively OP's MJ has her kittens, she needs to build a pen to raise them in. But to do that, she needs...

The Survivalist: Conan Exiles’ Picts, pets, and pokey arrows

In a world where no game is perfect, I continue to be pleased with the progress Conan Exiles keeps making. I'm also happy that...

The Stream Team: Conan Exiles brings on the pets and the Picts

As cool as the trees and ruins are in the swamp, this latest update is likely Massively OP's MJ's favorite. Why? Easy, it brought...

AdventureQuest 3D’s Kickstarter pets will be delivered early — this week

If you never thought you'd see a Kickstarter deliver on its promises early, have a look at this: AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds are...

Dofus’s 2.48 update will implement Kolossium Leagues and overhaul pet system

Big additions are coming to Ankama's tactical-combat MMO Dofus in its upcoming 2.48 update, which will introduce Kolossium PvP Leagues and revamp the game's...

Forget matchmaking – Wizard101 introduces ‘hatchmaking’

"Hatchmaking?" you say. "What is that?" Leave it to Wizard101 to come up with a quirky new twist on MMO gameplay. In the family-friendly title's...

World of Warcraft has a Tortollan pet in its data files

Because World of Warcraft and Hearthstone ostensibly take place in the same world, the latter frequently gets to fill out the lore of the...

Pixel Worlds trots out pets for mobile and PC

Congratulations, you're a parent! Or you would be, if you were playing Pixel Worlds and considered "owning a pet" to be on par with...
That's one handsome beggar-man.

Path of Exile previews updated NPC models and adds new cosmetics to its store

Since Path of Exile's next major update is really heavy on story, it's the perfect time for the team behind the game to work...
Everything ever forever.

Start collecting RuneScape’s new skilling pets next week

Looking for a cute companion to help boost your RuneScape skills? You can start collecting some starting next week when the new skilling pets...

Shroud of the Avatar plans creature taming changes

Creature taming and summoning is about to get adjusted in Shroud of the Avatar come Release 33 later this month. A quick forum thread identified...