Lineage II previews Aden’s pet system


Are you tired of your pets following you into battle in other MMOs just to look cute flopping around on the ground? Lineage II’s new pet system is about more than that. You bring your cute little baby animal into combat, it’s going to get ripped and tear people apart. Just check out the preview of the new pet system, with your pets available at level 76 to start fighting alongside you and evolving into lean, mean fighting machines with all the sharp bits you could ask for.

Six different pet types will be available, ranging from perennial favorites like the wolf and the cat to more unusual options like the buffalo and the kookaburra. Each pet also has a distinct set of skills to unleash and can be evolved along two different paths. You can also outfit your pets with 11 different gear slots, if you were worried you might not get to dress up your cat. Check out the full preview for all of the details about how to raise and empower your pet. This is all going live with the Aden edition, launching on August 11th.

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