NCsoft prepares ‘solo-friendly’ edition of Lineage 2 for an August release


Come August 11th, Lineage II will boast not one, not two, but three separate versions of the game. In addition to the regular Lineage II and the legacy Lineage II Classic, NCsoft is preparing to launch something called Lineage II Aden, which — despite first impressions — is not a ’90s R&B group.

Lineage II Aden’s hook is that it’s redesigning the fantasy MMO from the ground up to be far more solo-friendly than before: “Waiting around for a party to level or grind is a thing of the past in Lineage II Aden. All 36 classes are tuned to be self-sufficient while hunting, and Lineage II Aden will have six new solo dungeons at launch. Lineage II Aden also features a simplified leveling system, making it easier on players to reach max level.”

In addition to strapping rocket boosters to characters and shooting them into the leveling stratosphere, Aden will also feature two new classes (Sylph Storm Blasters and Death Knights), a magic ball that fills up with free XP every so often, a combat pet system, and a free-to-play model.

Source: Lineage 2, Press release
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