Guild Wars 2 will showcase End of Dragons’ story, elite specs, beta info, and trailer next week


So we already knew that ArenaNet is taking the wraps off Guild Wars 2’s End of Dragons next week – that’s on July 27th, in spite of the fact that the expansion itself has been scooted out of 2021 and into 2022. But what we didn’t have before is a time and a description of what to expect, and that’s what ArenaNet has dropped this morning.

Following the preshow at 11 a.m., the big shebang starts at 12 p.m. EDT, followed by a postshow. The studio is promising giveaways during the event, along with quite a bit of new info.

“We’ve got a tidal wave of fun content lined up, including expansion features, a new trailer, details on the story and setting, elite specialization beta information, interviews with the development team, and more.”

The studio even sent us a physical invitation to the event with the map view of Echovald Forest it first unveiled last spring.


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I returned to this game very recently after a decade of being away. It has aged very well and is a lot of fun to play.


My interest is peaked.

Got GW2 back up and running, installed DX12 Addon, dumped some money into that Skyscale Skin for my Reaper ( haven’t even started getting the Skyscale but now I have goals lol).


This is the best mmorpg on the market imo. Just recently went through the list and tried them all. I just play the game because it’s fun and not because I feel inclined to log in just to complete dailies.

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I am really excited to see what the hook is for this expansion. Path of Fire had mounts(REALLY good ones I might add!), Heart of Thorns had gliders and verticality. Each expansion or game ArenaNet has done has had a mechanic or feature like this and they’re usually amazing.

IDK that I’ll be going back to it, but I am curious what that hook will be. I know this probably isn’t the case because of engine limitations, but I would LOVE if the hook was Cantha was 100% open world and not zoned.

What do you think the End of Dragons hook will be?

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Sailing, climbing, housing, NPC companions, fishing, polymock pet battles, new race, and multiclassing are some of the ideas I’ve seen players throw around.

How likely each is varies. I’m guessing that one of the new features will be heavily monetized like how gliding and mount skins were.


I am really hoping it will be a new class. Although I am sure I will be disappointed. The last class to be launched was the Revenant. They need a new one.

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GW2 is maybe the best game for a newbie to MMOs. It’s fun, polished, easy to play, low learning curve, looks nice even on an older machine. If they aren’t a Tolkien fan and I can’t rope them into LOTRO, I get them into this game. It’s my 2nd pick.