Forget matchmaking – Wizard101 introduces ‘hatchmaking’

“Hatchmaking?” you say. “What is that?”

Leave it to Wizard101 to come up with a quirky new twist on MMO gameplay. In the family-friendly title’s next update, Wizard101 is introducing a hatchmaking system that allows players to breed pets that both they and others own. There are limits to how many times and how often a pet can be used for sweet, sweet love, and KingsIsle stresses that (at least for now) this won’t replace the old hatching system, but merely supplement it.

The patch also adds a new pet tome collection system to track your growing zoo of inbred animals, some visual changes in the core Wizard City, new loading screens, more skeleton key bosses for newbies and highbies, and plenty of bug fixes. Check out the patch notes for the full rundown!

Source: Patch notes
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