Dofus’s 2.48 update will implement Kolossium Leagues and overhaul pet system


Big additions are coming to Ankama’s tactical-combat MMO Dofus in its upcoming 2.48 update, which will introduce Kolossium PvP Leagues and revamp the game’s pet and mount system. PvP-focused players will almost certainly welcome the addition of Kolossium Leagues, which institutes a ranking system for the game’s PvP arenas. Players will be able to progress from the lowly Bronze league all the way up to the Legend league, earning valuable Kolossokens that they can spend in the Kolossium shop to buy shiny prizes.

In addition, the game’s pet and mount system is receiving a near-complete overhaul, removing time-based restrictions on pet progression and reworking the bonuses that pets provide. With the update, pets will no longer have specific, restricted diets, and there will no longer be a wait time between feedings; pets can be fed any resource at any time. Pets will begin at level 0 and can progress up to level 100, earning experience each time they’re fed, with the amount of experience earned being based on the feed’s level and rarity. As pets level up, the bonuses they provide will become more potent. It’s a pretty in-depth revamp, so if you want to know all the fine details, you can check out the dev blog on the subject over at the game’s official site.

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I’m super glad they are doing away with the obnoxious time gating on pets. Having to log in at least once every 8-22 hours just to keep them healthy was a terrible system.

I have so many adorable pets suffocating in lightless bank boxes that might finally see the light of day now because they won’t be dying every time I lose a fight or step away from the game for a few days (or weeks).

I continue to be mightily impressed by the revamps going on in Dofus. Systems-wise, it is miles ahead of its successor Wakfu, and just gets better and deeper in content. Time to log back in and maybe finally try to find a guild!