Beware packs of Compsognathuses in ARK: Survival Evolved


Going toe-to-toe with one dinosaur inĀ ARK: Survival Evolved can be a risky proposition, but thanks to the recent addition of the Compsognathus in update 224, players now have to worry about packs. Called Compy for short, this dino is fairly docile when alone or in very small numbers. However, once a gang of them gets together, they become aggressive carnivores that call any nearby fellows to join in the attacks. Watch them in action in the trailer below.

Update 224 also added a number of new items to the game (wall lamps, a rocket turret, and sea mines) as well as the ability to create personalized recipes for food and drink. On top of that, persitent tribe logs were implemented to record tribe activities and events.

Source: ARK spotlight, trailer
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