Sphere 3 gets worldwide launch on December 2


Looking for a fresh new MMO to take you into the last month of the year? We humbly present to you Sphere 3, which has just announced a launch date of December 2nd.

The free-to-play fantasy title has two core attributes in its design: “hardcore” and “PvP.” Players won’t be coddled with a targeting system but are instead challenged to use skill and reflexes to dominate the battlefield. Sphere 3 promises hundreds of quests, castle sieges, and a happy-go-lucky storyline involving “political deceit, war atrocities and vile treachery.”

The developers paid special attention to making sure that Sphere 3 will run smoothly on a wide range of machines so that performance won’t be a factor in the action gameplay.

Source: Nikita Online press release. Thanks to Feodor for the tip!
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