Divergence Online has fully returned to Steam

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Day six of the Divergence Online saga: The game has officially and fully returned to Steam.

Stained Glass Llama’s Ethan Casner told us last night that the DMCA complaint in question had been lifted, and as of this morning, the store page is indeed back up.

We first reported on the story last Friday when the game’s store page on Steam (but not the game itself) went offline. Over the course of the weekend, explanations and accusations over the cause of that outage flew back and forth between Casner and an individual who accused him of stealing assets and bloggers who alleged that Casner was lying. Yesterday, we chronicled the timeline of the dispute and the DMCA takedown filing.

However, Casner has suggested that just because the site is restored doesn’t mean the issue is in the past as it remains to be seen whether Steam will address the original harassment problem he says he’s suffered over the last few weeks.

While the store page was down, work on the actual game — yes, folks, there’s a game here — continued; testing of defense turrets and water and ocean system were among the weekend’s highlights.

Source: Steam
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