Xsyon kicks off a season full of events, including a mutant rodeo


Just because the world’s been ruined doesn’t mean that Xsyon players can’t have a good time, eh?

A new season of fun events starts this weekend in the post-apocalyptic title. The first event will be a cart race, which will be followed up by such entertaining fare such as a mutant rodeo, an Easter bunny hunt, a stand-up comedy night, bear feeding (whatever that is), a Hunger Games competition, and some good old-fashion fishing. Probably with dynamite or low-yield nuclears.

The event season is being hosted by both the developers and the game’s community. The devs are handing out event tokens to all participants and winners to be able to spend on prizes later on in the season.

Source: Xsyon

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This game is soooooooooooo Dead, can easily go 8-10 hr stretch w/o seeing a single word in global chat, but the building is great.