First player reaches max rank in The Division after 130 hours


Ubisoft recently revealed that a player reached the maximum level and Dark Zone rank in The Division just a week after its launch. While many players reached the standard level cap of 30, the Dark Zone PvP area has its own separate rank system with XP loss on death and a rank limit of 99. Player Chaos 3K became the first player to hit both level limits when he reached level 99 in the Dark Zone after 130 hours of game time.

Chaos 3K accomplished the feat by stacking Increased XP gear and farming efficiently and safely since the game launched, his biggest setback being the XP loss from dying once at rank 93. The achievement was reached just 7 days after the game launched, meaning the player must have spent an average of at least 18 hours per day playing.

Source: Eurogamer, Reddit
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