Get your Noblegarden eggs before World of Warcraft hides them for another year


As spring creeps out from underneath blooming bushes and wiggles its bushy tail in the sunlight, Noblegarden returns once again to World of Warcraft.

The short (a little over a week) annual holiday is full to the brim with bunnies, eggs, flowers, and all sorts of pastel candy. Players can hunt around cities and areas for hidden goodies, although Blizzard has also made eggs available at vendors for players to stage┬átheir own hunts. There’s a new pet that players can earn this year, a mystical spring bouquet. Yes, it’s a pet entirely made of flowers. Do you have a problem with that?

Wowhead has an officially approved guide to the full event in case you want to make the most of this week. Noblegarden will end on April 4th, so find those treats while you can!

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