Ragnarok 2 comes under new management, returns to active development


Good news for fans of Ragnarok 2 today: WarpPortal announced that it will be taking over the development of the game from Gravity Interactive. Previously, WarpPortal had been the publisher; now it will be the developer as well. Gravity had been doing very little with the game over the past couple of years other than taking down Ragnarok 2’s Korean server.

“We know that players have wanted updates, changes, and fixes with many aspects of the game for some time now,” WarpPortal said. “We are confident that taking over development of Ragnarok 2 will afford us the control necessary to achieve these goals.”

The company posted a list of projects and bug fixes that it intends to implement in Ragnarok 2 over the next few months, including new zones and “cringeworthy puns” from its CM staff. To celebrate the transition, WarpPortal is giving away refine stones to players who log in and play the game.

Source: Ragnarok 2
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