Star Trek Online introduces a ship cosmetic system in Season 11.5

Star Trek Online Lead Programmer Daniel “FlyingTarg” Razza has good news for captains who want to micromanage just how pretty their ships are.

Beginning with the next big update, he says, “Captains will […] be able to equip Deflectors, Impulse Engines and Shields in the new Visuals tab to modify the visual appearance of their ship, without using the stats or set bonuses on those items. The items equipped in the slots in the Visuals tab overrides the appearance of any matching item that is normally equipped.”

Basically, it’s a cosmetic system for ships that lets you customize ship part stats and appearance separately, limited to Deflectors, Impulse Engines and Shields.

Season 11.5 launches April 12th, complete with new featured episode Temporal Front.

Source: Official site. Thanks, ThatLanteshGuy!
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