Overwatch posts McCree comic book, talks about its birth from Titan’s death


It’s going to be hard to escape Overwatch’s presence this spring as Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter revs up for release at the end of May. Part of the promotion for the superhero-themed game is coming in the form of digital comic books, the first of which you can read right now. This ten-page comic features the gunslinger McCree and an action sequence aboard (and on top of) a train.

For those more curious about the making of the game and its roots, Gamespot has posted the first part of a documentary about Overwatch’s creation. What’s interesting about it is that Blizzard talks candidly about its work on Titan and how that massive project ultimately failed — and led to the birth of Overwatch.

You can watch the 20-minute video after the break.

Source: Overwatch comics, Gamespot. Thanks Agemyth for the tip!
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