Saga of Lucimia offers a glimpse into the alpha and its world history


There are some MMOs that run pretty quiet during the development process, keeping all of their cards close to the chest. But it seems as though more and more of those start-up games are taking the opposite approach by inviting players to come into their house and gawk even as it’s being built around them.

Saga of Lucimia is one such game. If you’re interested in this “hardcore fantasy” MMORPG, then you probably haven’t been starving for news and insight into the game’s creation. The devs have flooded the community with videos as of late, including one talking about the game world’s history and others showing off the adventures of alpha testers.

Can these moving pictures convince you to throw your support behind this game? Check out the videos below and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: YouTube #1, #2, #3. Thanks to Aggelos for the tip!
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