Pantheon could begin testing at the end of the year


Pantheon’s development is coming along, according to a new state of the game newsletter posted by Visionary Realms’ Brad McQuaid this week. “[W]e are wrapping up combat 2.0, which is our first major revision and tweaking of the combat system, taking into account what we learned during our first major milestone as well as more recent testing,” he tells future players. “We are quite pleased with the results thus far and are setting up our tools so that the designers can more easily tweak and test core values like ‘how long should an average level 3 fight last,’ ‘how often should a level 7 miss when fighting a level 10,’ and so forth.”

McQuaid also teases world building work on the continent of King’s Reach, the Black Dagger Keep dungeon, a more “robust” climate and atmosphere system, and the perception and quest systems. Moreover, he says he’d like to begin testing “at the end of the year or the beginning of the next” — but only if it’s ready.

“We are still actively pursuing additional resources so that we can continue to grow the team, especially the World Building team,” he writes. “As I’ve mentioned in the past we need to make sure that not only the game is ready before we start any external testing but also that there’s enough content. While we don’t need to have the entire world of Terminus built, we’d like to have King’s Reach playable, preferably with both overland and dungeon content for levels 1 thru around 40.”

Source: Newsletter
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