How Guild Wars 2 will improve WvW scoring


The Guild Wars 2 community has been asking for improvements to scoring in the game’s world-vs-world battles, and ArenaNet is moving swiftly to bring these changes to the game.

In a forum post yesterday, the studio¬†explained why it wants to shore up the scoring system and how it plans to do just that. One of the big reasons for the changes is to break WvW out of situations where there’s no chance of a comeback or where there are runaway matches.

The WvW week-long matches will be further divided into two-hour segments called skirmishes that will award victory points at the end of each.¬†“This keeps the winning and losing scores closer together, allowing the losing worlds a fighting chance,” ArenaNet said. “Teams will still want to win as many time slices as possible, off-hours coverage is still important, but less dominant.”

The studio is also considering a victory point multiplier based on populations and time of the day, a “last stand” multiplier, and other ways to rack up points for your team that should be quicker than before.

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