Black Desert delays planned June 1 Valencia launch


Daum has just announced that it’s delaying Black Desert’s Valencia update, which was originally scheduled for June 1st. Technical issues and security goals are to blame:

“We are very sorry to announce that, unfortunately, we had to make the decision to delay the release of the Valencia & Siege Mode update. Due to some technical issue to adapt the Season 4 of Siege mode to our build, we felt that we were not ready for this new content.

“We also want to take this opportunity of deployment to further improve the security system of the game, targeting bots and such forbidden software. This is an ongoing task on which we’ve been working for a while now and the Valencia & Siege Mode update could be a key point in that matter, as we don’t want the new Siege content to be overshadowed by this matter.”

As compensation, Daum says it’s extending the Blackstone and Pirate Rhum events another week.

Source: Official forums. Thanks, Nicholas!
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