Master X Master introduces WildStar’s Mondo Zax


One of the hooks of NCsoft’s upcoming Master X Master MOBA is that it pulls its heroes from all of NCsoft’s games — and that includes WildStar. Today, the studio has revealed WildStar’s iconic Chua mad scientist Mondo Zax.┬áNCsoft calls Mondo an “aggressive support master who summons mechanical creations to assist him and his allies.”

“Mondo can dish out bursts of damage while shielding and buffing himself and his allies. Mondo uses a modified bolt caster, which fires out medium-range projectiles and can be charged to fire up to three bolts simultaneously. […] Each of Mondo’s main skills summons a bot that follows Mondo around and has both an active and passive element to it.”

His ultimate? Yeah it’s basically a giant mobile laser beam. Pew pew! Watch his “Meet the Masters” video below.

Source: YouTube
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