Mark Kern polls players about his spiritual successor to Firefall


Will Firefall fans want Mark Kern at the helm of a game again? That’s the question of the hour, as Kern has proposed engaging in a new project that will function as a “spiritual successor” to Firefall.

His idea is to make Ember, a game in which players will assume the role of “reapers” who will use mech suits to forcibly terraform and tame alien worlds. Ember will be set in the Kern’s Crixa universe, which is already planned as the backdrop for a tabletop RPG.

Fans and followers are being polled as to whether or not they want to see Kern go ahead with the project. He is appealing to those who want to experience what Firefall could have been had it not been changed from the original version. As of the time of this writing, there were 227 signatures on the petition.

“The new management of Firefall has made clear they will not sell the IP to a new team, or to allow the game to be restored to its original vision. But what we can do is take the principles of the original vision of the game and create a new one, Ember,” Kern wrote.

Source: Ember. Thanks Jose for the tip!
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