Das Tal plans both US and EU servers for summer alpha

Can't stop won't stop.

Are you getting hyped for Das Tal’s summer alpha? If not, was it because Fairytale Distillery planned only an EU server for the test, and that meant terrible ping in a PvP-centric MMO? Welp, that’s something you can scratch off your wish list. The studio announced today that a US server will run for the alpha as well.

“We originally wanted to launch only a EU server for this alpha test,” writes Fairytale Distillery’s Alexander Zacherl. “But since there is so much interest in the game from both North and South America we decided to add another server in the US. That’ll give all our players in the Americas a great ping and better siege windows. And yes, we will double the number of prices for our Nomad Pack Contest so that you can win them on both servers.”

The alpha itself begins on July 19th, but “development supporters” will be able to check out a preview version beginning on July 9th. Testers who signed up prior to June 16th will begin receiving their alpha keys on the 11th in prep for the real deal. Zacherl reminds everyone to keep an eye out for keys on your friendly local MMO website. Wink and a nod!

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