The Elder Scrolls Legends shows off its Arena mode

Just like... you know what? You already know.

It could be argued that the real test of skills in The Elder Scrolls Legends – and any card game of its type, really – isn’t just playing with a constructed deck but taking part in a draft. Can you put together a new deck from random cards and play it effectively in one sweeping motion? You’ll be able to find out if that’s something you can do with the game’s new Arena mode.

Once you pay your entry fee and pick your class for the Arena, you’ll be presented with a sequence of draft picks, choosing one card of three until you have a grand total of thirty cards. You’ll then use that deck to take on either AI opponents in a Solo Arena or other players in a Versus Arena. After three losses, you’re out of the Arena, although you will earn gold, card upgrades, new cards, and so forth. Each victory also gives you another card to draft for your deck, so you have every reason to crack your knuckles and prove that you can adapt and play on the fly.

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