H1Z1: King of the Kill got a major combat patch today


Daybreak’s Garrett Fern is blessed with an epic RPG name. He’s also the H1Z1 combat and gameplay designer on deck to tell King of the Kill fans what’s in today’s patch, which went in early this morning

Internally dubbed “the combat update,” the patch implements a major polish pass on weapons, including buffs to melee weapons and the AK-47, plus some nerfs to overpowered weapons and consistency tweaks to the shotgun. Body armor, hit reactions, and cone of fire adjustements are also on order, Fern says.

Don’t care about combat? You’re probably in the wrong game for that. But crafting is getting a bunch of new recipes today too, including armor, explosive-tipped arrows, an uber banadage to stop you from bleeding out, and a whole bunch of shoes with different perks and bonuses.

The Just Survive half of the game is also expecting a patch this week in addition to a wipe.

Source: Reddit
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