Overwatch’s next hero is revealed as Ana

A guardian angel with a rifle.

If you’ve been waiting until San Diego Comic-Con to find out the identity of Overwatch‘s next hero, you’re in luck, because the news has gone out early. The next hero is Ana, also known to lore fans as Pharah’s mother and soon to be known to players everywhere as a sniping hero that ruins your ultimate abilities.

Ana is armed with a biotic rifle that damages enemies and heals teammates, while her abilities offer her a sleeping dart and a biotic grenade to heal allies and harm enemies while also shutting down healing for enemies. Her ultimate ability super-charges a teammate, making them more durable, more powerful, and faster all at once. Her lack of mobility options and the slow rate of fire on her rifle look to balance her out, but clever players will be able to make efficient use of her ability to snipe and support in the same motion. Check out video of her gameplay just below.

Source: Polygon, YouTube

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