Riders of Icarus forecasts a snowy update next week


Fresh (very fresh) fantasy MMO Riders of Icarus is already preparing for its first post-soft launch update next week with Blight of Frost Keep. The patch will raise the level cap to 35, add the frigid realm of Parna’s Coast, throw in a few new mounts, and challenge players with two dungeons (Frost Keep and Cavern of the Veil).

To churn up some excitement over the coming update, the studio is running a pair of events. From tomorrow through July 27th, players can enjoy better drops and easier mount taming. An attendance event will also reward players with up to seven special goodies (one per day) over the next couple of weeks. These rewards include a rainbow unicorn and a familiar skin lucky box.

Still on the fence about Riders of Icarus or want to know more about this MMO? The team put together an overview video for newcomers that you can watch below.


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