Das Tal devs doubles server capacity, apologizes for alpha’s technical issues

Take a shot.

“Thousands of players heeded our call and stormed onto the Das Tal servers on Saturday.” So sayeth Fairytale Distillery’s Alexander Zacherl in a postmortem on the game’s first summer alpha weekend. Zacherl reveals today that his team doubled its server capacity to handle the influx last weekend and in prep for the weekend ahead: “All four servers have seen players explore the map all the way to the north, most settlements are claimed by clans and we’re expecting great fights for prime real estate this weekend.”

It wasn’t all good news, however; Zacherl says server starts were delayed and the game suffered both lag and loading queues.

“I want to apologize to anyone who was excited to play Das Tal last weekend and couldn’t due to technical problems,” he writes. “I have felt your frustration and I promise that we’re doing everything we can to make the last problems disappear. And your next big alpha test will be more thoroughly load tested beforehand.” To that end, the Distillery is working on bumping up the servers’ performance, fixing bugs, and addressing the rubberbanding issues.

If you’re interested in taking a peek yourself this weekend, we have a few keys left!

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